Saturday, April 22, 2023

Marvellous Sunny Morning on The Vee

 Marvellous Sunny Morning on The Vee

The Vee has always been a "spin" for many in Cork City. I always head that way if I'm in the general area. Last week, we decided to make it again and rewarded ourselves with a lovely brunch at The Bakers Table of Lismore. Coming from our base in Dungarvan, we drove through Cappoquin and also passed Mount Melleray on the way up. Once there, we stopped at most of the viewing points, before heading down to Lismore for the grub! 

Bay Lough Lake at the Vee, a pretty easy walk down from the road above.

Mount Melleray

The Owenashad River nearing Lismore where it joins the Blackwater.

Mount Melleray

Is this Clogheen town in the middle distance? Anyone?

Sheep using a seat for a scratching session!

People use mountain as a bin

I would not have seen yellow fields of rape when I first came
up here many years ago

On this trip

Mount Congreve, Kilmeaden

The Local, Dungarvan

The Baker's Table of Lismore

Vinilo, Lismore

Marvellous Sunny Morning On The Vee (Waterford/Tipperary)

360 Town Stay, Dungarvan

The Shamrock

Seafood Delights at Cliff House Hotel Festival Lunch

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