Monday, December 6, 2021

Taste of the Week. Hassett's Pastries

Taste of the Week

Hassett's Pastries

Hassett's of Carrigaline are perhaps best known for their freshly baked artisan breads but they also produce a wide range of products, including luxury desserts, cakes for all occasions, as well as award winning biscuits, cookies and crackers, all widely available around the country.

Michael Hassett started baking in 1984 and went on to open his very first shop in 1988. The firm now has three retail outlets: Carrigaline, Douglas Court and the English Market.

Custard Slice, another favourite here.

And it was in the English Market that I felt my sweet tooth on alert as I passed a very tempting display of their small cakes, along with lots more of course. But the colourful little pastries immediately got my attention. And I headed off home with a few including our current Taste of the Week.

They are strong on cheese cakes so perhaps it was no wonder that the Bailey's Cheese Cake was the one that got the nod as Taste of the Week, followed closely by the Custard Slice. They have a huge variety, the quality is there, so it is hard to go wrong. It is easy to find your own taste of the week in that colourful display!

Hassett's of Cork

Widely available. Pic by Hassett's

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