Taste of the Week. Silver Darlings Pickled Balsamic Herring

Taste of the Week

Silver Darlings Pickled Balsamic Herring

O we left the homegrounds in the month of June
And to Canny Shiels we soon were bearing
With a hundred cran of silver darlings
That we'd taken from the shoals of herring*

It comes in a small jar but our Taste of the Week packs quite a punch! Bought a jar recently of the Balsamic and enjoyed it very much indeed. Basically, what you get is Wild Atlantic herring pieces marinated in sweet balsamic vinegar pickle with onions, dill, red sandalwood and winter warming spices.

The back garden is full of salads these days, to that’s what we used with the herring. Silver Darlings themselves says they are an excellent partner for soft, mild goat’s cheese or Greek style cheese, perhaps on a crusty bread or in a salad with piquant watercress or rocket. This herring has fantastic rich bronze colour against the white cheese and green leafs. So, over to you. These full of flavour jars are a must try!

Silver Darlings (read all about them here) have quite a choice. You can try: Dill Herring, Mustard Herring, Star of the Sea Herring, Pimento Herring, Fennel and Tarragon Herring, plus the Balsamic of course. And, a bonus, herring is good for you!

Two things to know:
The curing process not only preserves the fish feature but it also completely dissolves the notorious herring bones.
Don’t keep these in a cupboard as the contents will bubble out. Put them in the fridge.

Silver Darlings Seafood Limited
10 Islandview, Corbally Road,
Corbally, Limerick
Tel. +353 86 0661132 / Kirsti O Kelly
Twitter: @silverdarlings1  

*Ewan MacColl’s Shoals of Herring http://www.liamclancy.com/tabs/soh.htm  (as sung by the Clancy Brothers)