Amuse Bouche

...there is only one way to eat a piece of Battenberg as far as I’m concerned, so let me explain.
First, I’d delicately peel off the lightly dusted yellow marzipan and leave it on the side of my plate, saving the best till last as usual. Next I’d pull apart the squares as if I was a forensic scientist looking for clues to a crime. Then, one by one, pink first and then yellow, I’d pop the squares in my mouth, the spongy sweetness dissolving into a ball in my mouth. Finally came the almondy, sugary, cloying strips of marzipan, sticky on my fingers. I still adore anything marzipan or with almonds or amaretto. Funny how some childhood tastes remain. I even had a tier of Battenberg on my wedding cake.

from Life on a Plate by Gregg Wallace


Unknown said…
I spent a month in the Orthopaedic Hospital, Cork, in 1977. My best birthday present: a Thompson's Battenburg Cake. I've never tasted any other that even came close.
Cork Billy said…
Hi Avril! Just checking. Was that a triangular one. Chef Kevin at Chapel Steps is yet to be persuaded that Cork Battenberg was triangular.