You'll have Time for a Quart?

Have You Time for a Quart?

West Kerry Brewery’s Carraig Dubh Traditional Porter, 5.5% abv, €3.99 at Bradley’s, North Main Street, Cork.

This hand crafted porter from the West Kerry Gaeltacht is sold in 50cl bottles. It is bottle conditioned and made from malted barley, hops, yeast and spring water “from our own spring”. Not very much information on the website. The email address is

Colour, you’ve guessed it, is black (dubh) with a fragile creamy coloured head. Nothing fragile about the rest of it. The introduction to the palate is smooth, seductive, chocolate-ly and there is no letting go as the lingering finish is along the same lines. One to sip and savour, arís is arís.

Franciscan Well’s Rebel Red Irish Craft Ale, 4.3% abv, part of 4 for €10.00 deal at Bradley’s, North Main Street.

An award winner back as far as 2001 but only recently available in bottle (50cl). Ingredients are water, malted barley, English hops and ale yeast. The back label is crowded but has very little info on the ale itself. You can go to the brewery site for more details.

There is a mild hoppy aroma on the nose and an inviting creamy head on an amber/red body. Engaging mouthfeel, full flavoured with a lip licking malty sensation before a good dry finish. Well balanced. Go on. Have a cut, as we say around here.