Iberian Quality

 Iberian Quality
Came across two well priced beauties from the Iberian Peninsula recently, a Godello from Portugal and a Syrah from Spain. Did you know that Iberian probably came from the Ebro River and that the old Greeks referred to it as Hiberia. Maybe we’re all related. In any case, they are sending us some pretty good vinho these days.

Adega de Pegoes, Peninsula de Setubal, Syrah 2010, 14%, €13.99, stockists nationwide 

 This ruby red coloured wine has a nose of black fruit, mainly plum. In the mouth, it is quite fruity (plum, blackberry), pleasantly smooth and moderately spicy, rounded and well balanced and finishes long and dry. Has had 12 months in small oak barrels and the overall result is an excellent wine, a typical representation of the popular grape (known generally as Shiraz in the New World).
Excellent value and goes well with meat dishes, cheese and strong flavoured fish dishes. Highly Recommended

Pazo de Monterrey, Godello 2009, 14%, €14.99 Curious Wines.
Always nice to step outside of the white comfort zone of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, especially when one meets a gem like this Godello. Also known as Verdello it is a minority grape, even in Northern Spain. This one comes from an area of Galicia called Monterrie, which shares its southern border with Portugal. Which begs the question. Is there a Portuguese Godello?

Honey is the colour here and there are hints of apricot in the aroma. It has a creamy mouthfeel, engagingly fruity and fresh. The flavours are quite intense and refreshing with a good long dry finish. Highly recommended.