Bubble Brothers in Cork


Pleasantly surprised when picking up an order this week from Bubble Brothers store in Centre Park Road as the budget reduction of 60 cent per bottle had been applied. Sixty cent may not seem that great but when it is applied to a couple of cases, it can make quite a difference. Well done to Bubble and indeed to the other wine sellers who have rapidly applied the tax cut. I also noticed it in my pint at the Cotton Ball (did you see their Christmas lights?) last night.
Bubble Brothers, as you may know, have quite a selection at Centre Park Road. They have a lot less room at the English Market but they make the best of it. I suppose the rule would be: the Market for a bottle or two, Centre Park Road (easy parking) for a case or two. In any event, the same high standards of service and courtesy apply.
I’m looking forward to the Xanadu Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon, one of the cases I picked up this week. Came across it at the Good Wine Show and thought it was a winner.

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