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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bobas Bubble Tea. A New Kind of Cuppa!

Bobas Bubble Tea

Called into the Bobas Bubble Tea Cafe in McCurtain Street yesterday, not really knowing what to expect.

Had heard that the Bubble Tea trend had started in Taiwan back in the 1980s but we were to be treated to the up to date European experience by manager Louise McCormack who opened the Cork shop early in the summer. It is proving quite a hit, particularly with the students from the nearby schools.
What mix will you have?

And their parents can be pleased enough as the youngsters are showing good food sense here; the tea drinks are a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks. “They have less sugar and less calories than a smoothie, no caffeine and the green tea is packed with antioxidants.”

Not surprisingly the European style is more popular here but you can also get the Asian style which relies more on milk. Louise is working on a new menu at the moment and basically Bobas will be going with the tea (and Toppings) on its own or with Pizza (slice) or Pasta (pot). And they hope to add frozen yoghurts in the new year.

Well, what about the tea? We had a look at the menu and picked the Peach and Passionfruit. The base tea was Jasmine Green which was put through the “machine” where it picked up the bubbles. Then Louise added the toppings, Popping Balls of Mango and Passionfruit, and also some jelly and served the cool drink to us in its container.

Louise on duty at Bobas

It was absolutely gorgeous, a very pleasant experience indeed. And a bit of fun as well as the popping balls came through the relatively large straw! I reckon those students and young professionals who are trooping to the cafe know a thing or two about good taste!

Bobas have a special Chritsmas Tasting Night coming up but you’ll need to book soon. Check it out on their Facebook page

Cafe Details
Manager: Louise McCormack
087 213 2753
42b McCurtain Street, Cork
Opening Hours:
11am-7pm Mon-Sat and closed on Sunday.