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Wednesday, March 27, 2024


Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition


Redbreast Irish Whiskey, produced by Irish Distillers at its world-renowned Midleton Distillery in Co. Cork, Ireland, proudly presents Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition. The extraordinary single pot still Irish whiskey has launched exclusively to Global Travel Retail available now at Dublin and Cork Duty Free, Ireland, at €108 RRP and forms part of the Redbreast Iberian Series.

This exceptional expression has been created by marrying together whiskey aged in four distinct cask types – American ex-bourbon, Spanish oloroso sherry butts, Portuguese tawny port hogsheads and European virgin oak casks. Featuring this unique and rare combination of casks, the whiskey offers extraordinary complexity, with waves of sweet spices, delicate wine tannins, generous dark berry notes and subtle oak tones. Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition embodies the symphony of flavours from each barrel, instantly transporting the consumer across the Bodegas of Spain and Portugal, to the bright warmth of the Iberian Peninsula with each sip.

Dublin International Airport, which welcomed almost 32 million travellers in 2023 and is connected to over 190 destinations worldwide, and Cork Airport, the international gateway to the South of Ireland, represent incredible launchpads for the exquisite new GTR exclusive from Redbreast in its flagship home, where the brand carries iconic status. Brought to life in the stunning retail environments, amongst so many prestigious brands, including local heroes, Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition is in truly excellent company.image.png
Following the 2023 limited-edition release of Redbreast Tawny Port Edition, Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition marks the fourth expression in the award-wining Redbreast Iberian Series, which is inspired by Redbreast’s long-standing connection to some of the Iberian Peninsula’s most celebrated cooperages and winemakers. Each release combines the craft and rich heritage of the region with the excellence of Midleton Distillery’s single pot still whiskeys to create expressions that are truly remarkable. 
Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition is a significant new chapter to the brand's portfolio, showcasing the brand’s commitment to the exploration of new flavour profiles, adding depth to Redbreast's celebrated line-up.

The use of Oloroso sherry butts and ex-bourbon barrels, synonymous with the renowned Redbreast Iberian Series, remain as a cornerstone for the expression. These barrels, integral to Redbreast's identity, pay homage to the brand’s legacy and ongoing success. The influence of the Oloroso sherry seasoning imparts notes of dried fruits, orange peel and nutty undertones, while the use of ex-bourbon barrels contribute aromas of sweet vanilla, toasted oak and dustings of nutmeg.  

Meanwhile, the use of the tawny port hogsheads and pristine European virgin oak casks add a new dimension to this storied blend. The inclusion of these two casks signifies a creative new chapter in Redbreast's journey, that began during the Midleton Distillery teams’ travels across the Iberian Peninsula. 
The delicately drying tannins from the virgin oak barrel add structure and body to the mouthfeel, magnifying the depth and complexity of this wonderfully balanced whiskey. The use of tawny port seasoned casks contributes delicate hints of smoked almonds, praline and dark berry fruits adding further complexity to the adventurous array of flavours in this new expression.

The dynamic quartet of barrels work in harmony, marrying together the core of Redbreast’s distinguished identity with a unique twist. The result is a whiskey that seamlessly weaves tradition with innovation, a testament to Redbreast's devotion to both its heritage and the pursuit of new and exciting taste experiences for its consumers.

Master Blender, Dave McCabe expands: “There's a profound joy in creating a whiskey that mirrors the vibrant journey taken to create it, so I am delighted that the flavour of the final liquid is reminiscent of our travels, encapsulating each encounter, all of which have played a pivotal role in shaping the Redbreast Iberian Series to this day. Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition is a harmonious whiskey, echoing the diversity and richness of the outstanding barrels we have found across the Iberian Peninsula, and I can’t wait for both enthusiasts and those new to the range to experience it first-hand.”

Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition invites the discerning traveller to explore the distinctive influence of each barrel and savour the combined story of craftsmanship and adventure. Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition is bottled at 46% ABV and is exclusively available now through Global Travel Retail at Dublin and Cork Duty Free at €108 RRP.

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Link to purchase:

Whiskey Press Releases 


Born from an alchemy of four distinct barrels, the second permanent expression in Redbreast’s award-winning Iberian Series transports whiskey lovers to the sun-drenched corners of Spain and Portugal.

Tasting Notes:
Nose: Toasted wood with a decadent and enticing selection of fresh and dried fruits, including notes of freshly picked plums, raisins, fig, and orange peel. Aromas of sweet vanilla with light dustings of nutmeg are carefully balanced by nutty and herbal undertones, while the pot still spices enhance the overall body and complexity of this wonderfully balanced whiskey.

Taste: Rich with spices of cinnamon and nutmeg at first with delicately drying tannins thanks to the toasted oak and wine seasoning. The spices quickly subside to reveal generous waves of dark berry fruits with marzipan, smoked almonds and salted caramel.
Finish: Satisfyingly long. The pot still spices are the first to fade, while leaving the oak and fruits to continue lingering effortlessly until the very end.





Tuesday, March 19, 2024




Jameson, the world’s most shared and most awarded Irish whiskey, is delighted to announce the third annual Jameson Black Barrel Bartender Series 2024 competition, open for entries from 1st April – May 15th.
The 2024 series invites the bar community to participate in the competition, encouraging each applicant to champion their local cultures and communities by creating a unique, regionally inspired cocktail using Jameson Black Barrel.

The top 25 ‘Regional Winners’ will be awarded €500 and win a 3-day, all expenses paid trip to Midleton Distillery, Ireland to attend the ‘Jameson HOSTS Global Summit’ curated in collaboration with award-winning bartender Remy Savage. Additionally, the top 3 ‘Global Champions’, will each win €5000 and access to an innovative Jameson mentoring programme that includes in-person and virtual sessions with industry giants such as hospitality consultant Danil Nevsky, bar owners Ezra Star and Beckaly Franks, and summit curator Remy Savage, on topics from brand building to social media strategy and bar operations.

The Jameson HOSTS Global Summit, attended by 100+ global bar community guests, offers unrivalled networking and inspirational seminars lead by prominent industry figures. As part of their prize, the top 25 ‘Regional Winners’ will win travel and access to 2024’s Summit as well as behind-the-scenes tours and unique experiences during their trip.

Jameson, which is strongly committed to creating a fair and balanced competition, has created a two-tiered judging system for 2024 to increase transparency and accessibility. Bartenders can enter the competition by submitting a 1-minute video of their cocktail creation to be judged by leading figures in the industry. Judges, including Danil Nevsky of Indie Bartender, Priyanka Blah of The Dram Attic and Ethan Liu of CMYK, will determine the 25 ‘Regional Winners’ and, within this, the ‘Top 10’ finalists. Finally, the 3 ‘Global Champions’ will be decided by taste test and anonymous voting live at the Global Summit, in a distinctively pioneering peer judging process.

Speaking on the addition of the mentorship programme, Tony O’Brien, Jameson Global Advocacy Manager, commented: “Many established members of the industry regularly speak to the ‘things they wish they had known’ as they first started their careers and their mentors who allowed them to discover their voice. This is something, as a brand, Jameson wants to continue nurturing in the industry, which is why, in addition to the monetary prize, for 2024 we wanted to give something extra back to the community with the mentoring programme and access to some of the best in the business. The Global Summit will also allow our Top 25 a rare networking opportunity as we have curated our global summit to be a place of connection, inspiration and growth with many attendees going on to continue relationships they have built at the event, through friendship and even professionally with bar takeovers and partnerships.”

Remy Savage, award-winning bartender and mentor for 2024, commented, “Mentorship is something I have always made part of my identity as a bartender and bar owner. I believe it is the past, present and future of our industry and I’m very happy to continue to mentor the next wave of creatives and be part of their journey in this community”. Remy will also host seminars at the Global Summit, with his 2023 presentation focusing on drinks development theory.

The competition will be open for entries from 1st April and close on 15th May for judging with 25 ‘Regional Winners’ announced on 7th June. Cocktail submissions will use Jameson Black Barrel, a blend of pot still and rare small batch grain whiskeys, triple distilled, and known for its richness and notes of vanilla and caramel sweetness, toasted wood, fruit and warming spice. This exceptional liquid’s production, matured in a combination of American oak, sherry casks and double charred Bourbon barrels creates a distinctive flavour profile that makes it the ideal foundation to cocktails.  

For more information and updates, bartenders can visit the Jameson website or follow @JamesonHOSTS

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Cork Whiskey Festival Launched At The Shelbourne Bar

Cork Whiskey Festival Launched

 At The Shelbourne Bar

Midleton Whiskey Ambassador Ger Garland at the launch.

“It is going to be the best Whiskey Festival in the country,” declared Laurie O’Dwyer at the launch of the Cork Whiskey Festival in the Shelbourne Bar last Thursday night.

Laurie, co-founder and co-director of the festival with his wife Sonya, has the credentials for running such a festival. His Whiskey Chats Podcast  is now up and around the 180th episode and provided “a really good network” to help get the Festival off the ground.

Laurie: Going to be the best! Pic via CWF.

“Thirty four events over three days will see the cream of the crop in  Cork. Over half the tickets have been sold, a big surprise to us at this stage. Now we’ll be putting a big push on to make it a sellout and make it the best festival in the country.”

Laurie had a big thank you for the evening’s host: “We couldn’t have done it without the Shelbourne Bar and Phillip. And of course Irish Malts and Midleton Distillers. major sponsors. Check it all out on the website".

The Shelbourne Bar is the official Social Hub and info point for Cork Whiskey Fest 2023. "Whenever you want to chill out, meet with new friends or catch up with old friends, The Shelbourne is where you will find your fellow festival attendees and our info desk."

Ger Garland

Ger Garland, Whiskey Ambassador for Midleton,  admitted to being amazed at the growth of the whiskey industry in Ireland. “When I started there were just 3 distillers, now there are 48.” And he had news from Midleton where a new distillery (representing an investment of around a quarter of a billion) will be ready for 2025, "totally carbon neutral". 

He is looking forward to the festival: “The Cork Whiskey Festival will give you a glimpse of both the newcomers to the business along with the more well established….. Tastings will be great whether you are a novice or more experienced!”

Ger of course will be working at the festival as indeed he had some work to do on the launch night, guiding us through a tasting of Jameson Black Barrel and a Redbreast 12,  a couple of Midleton’s well-known spirits. We didn’t really need any guidance for our intro drink, a classic Jameson and Ginger serve in a tall glass with a user friendly grip!


Jameson were, of course, based in Dublin but became part of the Irish Distillers in Midleton when the few remaining distilleries came together for survival’s sake in the 1966. 

The Black Barrel is a step up on the basic Jameson and quite an economical one too, an all round whiskey. Ger filled us in on the story of the Black Barrel and  the “alligator”. The barrels in which it is matured get a second char, a deep one that “cracks open the barrel and leaves marks like an alligator skin, very black of course and that led to the name".

Enjoying the craic with Oisin Davis (r) of Great Irish Beverages 

Redbreast too has a long history, going back to 1912 and the Redbreast 12 is the biggest seller of Irish premium whiskey in the world. Ger: "It has been on the market since 1912 and the ruby hue is due to the sherry influence (raised in Oloroso barrels). It smell is wonderfully evocative, like Christmas cake in a glass, full bodied, buttery, spicy, sweet and fruity and with that soft warming effect.”

Lovely on a cold February night! And I left the Shelbourne with a warm glow, hoping that the third weekend in March will be a few degrees warmer!

* In the meantime, get your tickets at the website.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Powers 100% Irish Rye Whiskey. On the shelves today! Latest on Cork Whiskey Fest.

Powers Launch their 100% Irish Rye Whiskey today. 

 Latest on Cork Whiskey Festival.

Powers Launch their 100% Irish Rye Whiskey 43.2% ABV, 

RRP €40.00, widely available

The world’s first 100% Irish rye whiskey is on shelves around the world today. The producers are happy: “Proudly honouring the pioneering spirit of Powers Irish Whiskey, this ground-breaking release uses 100% Irish rye for the first time ever. The result is Powers Irish Rye, a complex and flavourful Irish whiskey that is set to shake up the increasingly popular rye whiskey category.”

It appears in your glass as a warm bronze liquid. Aromas are complex, barbecued banana, cherries and vanilla along with spicy notes especially of clove, with pepper and ginger also in mix. The rye announces itself more in the mouth along with the banana and clove and waves of sweetness (sugar and vanilla). A relatively mild but very satisfactory experience in the palate is followed by something similar on the finish, the flavours smoother, the spices enhanced, as they mix in harmony and waltz for quite a while.

Didn’t quite finish the 100ml sample provided on the first go. Went back a second time and was even more impressed. This 100% Irish Rye Whiskey is 100% compatible with this palate. Very happy indeed with it and thrilled to be able “award” a Very Highly Recommended stamp!

A few years ago at the little Micil Distillery in Galway, Pádraic Ó Griallais told me the three conditions needed to become a proper drinker: É a ioc, é a ól, é a iompar  (Pay for it; drink it; carry it.) When it comes to this Powers, I could well meet all three - not too expensive, not too harsh (far from it), and easy to drink and carry! A bigs thumbs up for this breakthrough from Powers. Not every day are you going to come across a whiskey of this quality at such a reasonable price.

The launch of Powers Irish Rye is grounded in the heritage of the whiskey brand, as Carol Quinn, Archivist at Irish Distillers, uncovered. Old mash bills and recipes reveal that Powers experimented with rye over their history, shows how, as the scientific knowledge of distilling expanded throughout the 19th century, they continually strove to innovate with new techniques and processes.  

This new bottle is born from trials at Irish Distillers’ renowned Midleton Distillery in Cork, Ireland, Powers Irish Rye balances the trademark earthy, peppery character of rye with the sweet flavour profile imparted from maturation in a full repertoire of American oak – with virgin oak, first fill and refills in the cask mix.

Rye is mainly grown in northern European countries and used in bread and beer. Not easy to find a farm growing it in Ireland. But Powers persevered and commissioned the planting of rye crops. With a commitment to sustainable farming, the Cooney Furlong Farm in Co. Wexford supply 100% of the rye used in Powers Irish Rye. Located just a short distance from Edermine House, the ancestral home of the Powers family, the farm guarantees ongoing Irish rye supply for this world first release.

In an interview conducted by Royal Commission on whiskey back in 1908, the Powers ethos was best described by James Talbot Power, ‘At Powers, we are producers of flavours, not of spirits`.  They are proud to continue this Powers legacy in 2023. And it is indeed the flavours that catch the attention in this latest release.

Bottled at 43.2% ABV, Powers Irish Rye will be released from 20th February in the US, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Dublin Airport and online at, and via The Whisky Exchange in the UK in the coming months at RRP €40.

The whiskey can be drunk neat but should also catch the attention of mixologists and Powers have already proposed this recipe for a Classic Manhattan cocktail.

Manhattan cocktail

Ingredients: 50ml Powers Irish Rye, 25ml sweet vermouth, 1 dash aromatic bitters, 1 dash orange bitters

Method: Add all ingredients to a mixing glass; Add ice and stir to mix and chill; Strain into a chilled coupe glass; Express orange oils from an orange zest and discard the zest; Garnish with 3 skewered maraschino cherries.


Cork Whiskey Fest 2023

Shelbourne ace Rory McGee.

The Cork Whiskey Fest 2023 continues to gather momentum and will get another boost with the official launch this coming Thursday.

Some 34 events have been organised over the three days and some have already been sold out. I'm looking forward to two events in particular: the Mitchell Spot Whiskeys & Wine Masterclass and also the Dunville Masterclass

Mitchell and Sons Wine & Spirits Merchants are the sole remaining licenced bonder with Irish Distillers. Their wine finished single pot still Irish whiskeys are a pillar in Irish Whiskey. Midleton legend Ger Garland and Brand Ambassador Mathew Smith will guide us through a selection of Spot whiskey along with their finishing wines, for this stellar masterclass.

Jarlath Watson’s Dunville’s Masterclasses have taken on legendary status. He always digs deep into the Echlinville Distillery’s stash of sherry bombs to blow people’s minds. Expect a lot!

Another event that promises much is the Jameson Tasting in the helbourne Bar on Sunday March 26th at 12 noon. Here, Tommy Byrne who is the lead educator in the Irish Whiskey Academy in Midleton and Deirdre O’Carroll (of the Blending Team) will host a lively informative session, bringing an exciting liquid insight to this historic brand. A masterclass not to be missed!

Tickets for this and all the events here.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Warm Welcome and Superb Food at Finín’s of Midleton

Warm Welcome and Superb Food at Finín’s of Midleton


You walk in from the wind and the rain and there’s a buzz of conversation and then a smiling welcome and soon you are warming up at your table in Finin’s of Midleton on the last Thursday of 2022. It’s your final meal out of the year and it is a good one!

The packed downstairs room, and the staff  led by example by manager Tomislav, exudes welcome and warmth and you are immediately at ease, soon at your table and checking the menu from new Portuguese Head Chef Miguel Soares. 


The long-standing and popular restaurant was taken over by Blue Haven of Kinsale and opened mid 2022 after a period of renovation. In addition to this downstairs room, with the a feature along much of one side, they have also opened the room upstairs. 

And there’s more to come.  The frontage, on the main street, is slated for a makeover. And there are plans are in hand for another upstairs space in 2023; this new private dining room cum Whiskey Tasting Room will be  in conjunction with Redbreast.  But you won’t have to wait until then for whiskey. They have a splendid selection in the bar and that includes the complete Mitchell & Son Spot collection.

The new owners are pleased with the way things are going here: We have ambitious plans to build Finins into something special over time including some exciting additions in the new year in conjunction with Red Breast with a new private dining room and Whiskey Tasting Room. 

We are very excited about what the future holds for Finins and appreciate the support and warm welcome we have received in Midleton and look forward to playing our part in the local community for many years to come. 


And we was well pleased with our meal there. You can start with either something from the Nibbles or Starters section on the menu or both! Don’t forget to check the Specials before you start  - the staff will tell you anyhow.

We shared the Slow Cooked Oxtail Croquettes (with Dijonnaise Sauce & Smoked Gubbeen Cheese) and the Pork Belly Chicharrones (served with Avocado Cream & Mojito Sauce). The first (5.50) was from Nibbles, the second (8.50) from Starters, and both were excellent though the Chicharrones were my favourite!

From this and a previous visit, it seems that their burgers along with Fish and Chips are very popular dishes here; the restaurant caters for family groups.

Finin’s responds to the seasons and I absolutely enjoyed the excellent Wild Venison Loin (with Celeriac Purée, Garden Peas, Berry Medley & Smoked Jus).  This was just exquisite, so tender, so well executed and those little berries added so much to it.

Apple Tart

Another excellent mains, enjoyed by CL,  is the East Cork Lamb Rump with Organic Carrot Purée, Romanesco, Caramelised Silver Skin Onions & Jameson Jus Barley. And each of our mains was accompanied by a side of mash and greens.

We finished off with a shared dessert of Apple Tart and cream. It was one of the better ones,  a terrific warm dish and a boost against the windy weather outside!


Opening Times: Tuesday - Saturday 12.00pm - 11.00pm; Serving food until 9.00pm

Address: 75 Main Street, Midleton, Co. Cork P25E6F7

Tel: (021) 463 1878. 

Web: Finín's

Sunday, October 16, 2022

The Irishman Whiskey review. Plus news from Jameson & Fercullen.

The Irishman Whiskey review. Plus news from Jameson.


The Irishman Single Malt 40% ABV

This Walsh Whiskey single malt has been raised in Bourbon and Sherry casks and, on first glance, you can detect a little extra colour. And there are also some hints in the aromas with a soft sweetness of dried fruits, in with the richness of the malt, plus vanilla notes along with floral notes.

It’s a good start and the palate doesn’t disappoint either. Excellent flavour and complexity and a lingering finish with a light maltiness and sweet oak. Toothsome fruit stays the course right through to the finalé where the honeyed malt and the oak reassert themselves with an elegant subtlety. Really superbly balanced and very satisfactory all round. 

Bernard Walsh has earned a lot of credit for his choices in the production and the whiskey itself has picked up a string of awards including a gold at “The World Spirits Competition” in San Francisco and again in ISW Germany. Not to be sniffed at.

Produced by Walsh Whiskey using Bourbon and Sherry Casks. The triple distilled malt was sourced from the Bushmills distillery in County Antrim.

Enjoyed this one very much indeed. So I’ll be keeping an eye on the Irishman. Next “job” for me is to check out the distillery’s flavour wheel. Would you like to see which Irishman suits you? Click here 

The Irishman is widely available around the €52 mark. I didn’t buy a bottle but, as a member of the Hip Flask Club, I got mine filled with close to 180mls (6 ozs) at Bradley’s, North Main St, Cork.


press release

Introducing Jameson Single Pot Still

press release

Powerscourt Distillery Unveils a Very Special Limited Edition Fercullen 21-Year-Old Single Malt
RRP for this edition, limited to just 8,000 bottles, is €225 and available now

The Powerscourt Distillery announces its latest launch, its oldest release of Fercullen whiskey to date. The inaugural 2022 release is a marriage of 21-Year-old Single Malt whiskey matured in ex-bourbon barrels, with a selection of Oloroso Sherry and Pedro Ximénez finished whiskeys.


The collaboration of blending from Head of Whiskey John Cashman and Head Distiller and Blender Paul Corbett was inspired by the atmospheric bodegas of the Andalusian region of Spain. The finished whiskey combines the region's distinctive dark fruit sherried flavours with the soft elegance of 21-year bourbon matured malt whiskey.


John Cashman, Head of Whiskey for Powerscourt Distillery, said, “This is the oldest whiskey expression released by Powerscourt Distillery to date, “this aged single malt will become an exclusive annual release, with the vintage year prominent on the label. I believe this Single Malt is destined to become one of the great Irish whiskeys of the modern era”.  

Paul Corbett, Head Distiller and Blender, said, “This blend was a marriage of 70% bourbon, 20% Oloroso and 10% PX sherry casks. The sherry component was first matured in bourbon barrels before finishing for a further two years in European oak.  21 years in bourbon barrels imparted a beautiful vanilla sweetness to the whiskey when combined with the dried fruits from the sherry casks and drying spice/structure from the European oak we created a single malt with an amazing depth of flavour and complexity.”

Bottled at 46% ABV, non-chill filled, Fercullen 21-year-old Single Malt will be available online at www.  from the 30th of September and selected off-licences around the country.

Official tasting notes:

Nose: Honeydew melon, lychee, rich vanilla fudge, pe ar drops and soft leather.

Palate: Vanilla fudge with dried fruits, dark chocolate with orange oil, and cracked hazelnuts.

Finish: Sweet fudge, candied cherries, fruit cake and drying spices.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Spirit Safe: Clonakilty Distillery announce sustainability commitments

press release
June's Spirit Safe: Clonakilty; Rebel, Jameson 18, Kinsale, Gold Spot Irish Whiskey, istil 38. Redbreast Dream Cask.

Clonakilty Distillery has announced

 future sustainability commitments

The distillery has outlined a number of pledges in an attempt to increase awareness of sustainability and will focus on reducing overall energy usage with the aim of eliminating the use of single-use plastic from their whiskey packaging by the end of the year.


The purpose behind these commitments is to increase biodiversity in Clonakilty by working with the local community to provide food and habitat for native birds, bees, and insects. The Distillery has outlined a number of commitments, including planting over 100 mature trees and 400 natural hedgerows and shrubs by 2023, as well as establishing a permanent wildflower meadow.


Michael Scully, Managing Director at Clonakilty Distillery said, “We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, prioritising sustainable actions where possible”.


He added that “We work closely with our colleagues and the local community in Clonakilty while constantly seeking improvements to implement best practice so that we at Clonakilty Distillery can make our own difference in helping to shape a better world”.


The distillery has already made a direct and significant impact on the economic and social well-being of the community by taking over a former bank building in a prime waterfront location in Clonakilty town.


Other sustainability commitments are as follows:

  • By the end of 2022 the distillery will reduce average glass weight by 15%.
  • By 2025, a minimum of 40% recycled glass will be included in the standard bottles, with the intention of increasing this even further as technology allows.
  • By 2025, 100% of packaging materials will be reusable, recyclable and/or compostable.
  • The Distillery has promised to continue assisting local charities and groups on a yearly basis, as well as creating and cultivating relationships with local sustainability community groups.  By 2023, 100 percent of production will take place in the local area and community. This will involve processes such as blending, bottling, and packaging.


News from Cork's Rebel City Distillery...

We are open for tours!

We are delighted to finally be able to say we are opening for tours on 1 July.

We are the first distillery to open in Cork city for 50 years. Come take a tour. Beginning with a signature Maharani gin & tonic at the Custom Oak Bar before entering the distillery and learning about the fine balance between alchemy and artistry underpinning each spirit crafted here.

Book now to avoid disappointment!

Book Now

Jameson, the world’s favourite and most awarded Irish whiskey, has unveiled a new liquid and packaging evolution for its iconic Jameson 18 Years.

Jameson 18 Years’ exceptionally balanced blend of distillates, matured in hand selected American and European oak barrels for a minimum of 18 years, is one of Jameson’s most awarded whiskeys. The much loved whiskey has undergone an important evolution including a sustainable packaging revamp and a higher ABV liquid.

Putting sustainability at the forefront, Jameson 18 Years will now be presented in new, lightweight packaging with the original box redesigned as fully recyclable cardboard complete with foiled accents.

The packaging redesign aligns to Irish Distillers’ and Pernod Ricard’s broader sustainability commitments by focusing on minimising waste at every step by fostering and applying a circular mindset across the business.  

Alongside the new and lighter weight packaging update, Master Distiller, Kevin O’Gorman and his team have introduced a significant change to the celebrated Jameson 18 Years whiskey.

Kevin O’Gorman explains: “Made from a selection of some of our oldest and most precious distillates, which are then married and finished in first fill American bourbon barrels for a minimum of 6 months, Jameson 18 Years is already an exceptional whiskey in terms of quality.
“And to truly allow the complexity of this whiskey to shine, we have increased the ABV from 40% to 46% and removed the need for chill filtration. This modification helps to concentrate the signature flavours found in Jameson 18 Years balancing Jameson’s characteristic smoothness with the depth of the whiskey in its natural state.”
In addition, the new packaging will feature a scannable QR code which will direct Jameson fans to a virtual guided tasting hosted by the Master Distiller, Kevin O’Gorman.  
Brendan Buckley, Global Marketing Director at Irish Distillers commented: “At Irish Distillers we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. We understand that our packaging plays an important role in the protection and in the delivery of the overall experience of our whiskey, but it is also one of the most carbon-intensive activities in the value chain when you take into consideration the manufacturing process, transportation, and its lifecycle.

“Over the past number of years, we as a business have been successful in devising and implementing new ways of reducing the environmental impact of our packaging through redesign and experimentation with new materials all of which is reflected in the updated Jameson 18 Years packaging. We will continue to innovate to minimize our environmental impact and preserve our natural resources by reusing, reimagining, recycling and reducing, adopting a truly circular mindset.”

The new look Jameson 18 Years will be rolled out globally in high-end, specialist off-trade and leading on-trade outlets over the coming months for an RRP of €200 (70cl).






Having only entered the Asian market one year ago, Kinsale Spirit Company in Cork has completely surpassed expectations at The DB Asia Summer Tasting awards by taking three medals. Founders Ernest Cantillon, Colin Ross, and Tom O’Riordan, are thrilled to see Spanish Earl Irish WhiskeyRed Earl Irish Whiskey, and Kinsale Gin, take the top spots in their categories at the competition.


Last summer, the Drinks Business Asia launched its Summer Tasting competition to find the best drinks brands on the world stage. Chaired by The Drinks Business Asia’s Managing Editor Alice Liang, and assessed by a panel of leading industry experts, including Master Sommeliers, Masters of Wine, senior buyers and leading mixologists, the judges blind-tasted the best of wine and spirits, and awarded Silver to Red Earl Irish Whiskey, Gold to Kinsale Gin, and, for the most outstanding expressions, the coveted Master medal to Spanish Earl Irish Whiskey.




Spanish Earl Single Malt Irish Whiskey starts its ageing in ex-Bourbon casks for nearly 4 years and then is split into two finishing casks, ex Imperial stout and ex aged golden Jamaican rum. The two triple-distilled malt Irish whiskeys are then recombined after at least 3 months apart, and bottled. The stout element is inspired by Spanish General, Juan del Aguila’s, time spent in Cork, renowned the world over for stout production for hundreds of years, while rum, being the preferred drink of seafarers of old, lends sweet toffee to the dark chocolate of the stout.


Red Earl Blended Irish Whiskey is a combination of ex-bourbon-barrelled grain Irish whiskey and ex-sherry triple distilled malt, matured for 45 months and then merged to spend a further minimum period of 4 months in ex-Rioja casks. The company chose Rioja for its spicy fruits, and as a mark of respect to the resting place of the eponymous Red Earl, Hugh O’Donnell, near to the Rioja region of Spain.


Kinsale Gin, the original product in the Kinsale Spirit Co. range, is a multi-award winning gin distilled using botanicals hand-picked around Kinsale. Notes of meadowsweet, elderflower & elderberry combine with aromas of lemon verbena and lemon grass to dance with spicy juniper.


Speaking of the win at the DB Awards, co-founder Ernest Cantillon says:


Spanish Earl, the Master Medal winner, will be released in China this Summer, along with Great Earl.  Our Red Earl has been in China for the past two years and sells very well both online and in shops and bars. Cork is twinned with Shanghai and we have spent the past 4 years building up relationships in China. The Chinese market is a challenging one but with big potential rewards, so we always felt it was worth the work. While our other whiskeys have done very well in similar competitions all over the world, this is our first time winning the very top prize in such a big competition. It is the perfect launchpad for our latest whiskey expression to be released into the Chinese market on top of building on the reputation of Red Earl amongst our existing customers there.”


​​Kinsale Spirit Co will have space to hang their medals soon with their new distillery build beginning in Kinsale this year.



The Spot family shines brighter than ever with a limited-edition whiskey honouring the colourful 135-year legacy of wine & spirits merchants, Mitchell & Son

Irish Distillers, makers of some of the world’s most enjoyed whiskeys, together with the Mitchell family are marking 135 years of whiskey bonding among the Mitchell family, one of Ireland’s last remaining wine merchants, by crafting a celebratory vibrant Spot release, Gold Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey.  

This limited-edition expression pays tribute to the colourful history of the Mitchell’s whiskey bonding business which commenced in 1887 when the bonders sent empty wine and fortified wine casks to the local Jameson Distillery, in Bow Street, to be filled with new single pot still spirit for maturation in its underground cellars. Once filled, the fortified wine casks would be marked with a daub or ‘spot’ of coloured paint, to determine the age potential with Blue Spot, Green Spot, Yellow Spot and Red Spot, respectively indicating the 7, 10, 12 and 15 years of the celebrated expression within the Spot range.

The colour gold symbolises quality, prestige, specialness and celebration and so the Mitchells chose this colour to signify their enduring relationship with whiskey bonding over seven generations and 135 years.  This special release commemorates the past and nods to the future of whiskey innovation by embodying the unmistakable qualities of single pot still Irish whiskey.

Matured for a minimum of nine years, the expression builds on the foundation of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, typical of the Spot whiskey style, and is married together with a unique proportion of hand selected Bordeaux wine casks and port pipes. The inclusion of port casks – sourced from Irish Distillers’ long-established partners in Portugal’s Douro Valley– is a first for a modern iteration of Spot whiskey.

Working in collaboration with the Mitchells, the team at Midleton Distillery was inspired by archive documents dating back to the late 1800s showing significant quantities of port casks imported into Ireland which, once emptied, would have been used to mature whiskey. The combination of the four different cask types imparts exceptional flavours of vibrant fruits enhanced by delicate oak tannins and wood spices, with the port wine-driven cask inclusion adding an additional layer of complexity and character, alongside a taste of history.

Katherine Condon, Distiller at Irish Distillers, comments: “It has been a privilege and a joy to work with the renowned Mitchell family as they took us on a journey through the rich history of their business, handed down through seven generations.

“Gold Spot truly is a liquid time capsule with the wine-driven casks treading a beautiful balance of tradition and innovation and marking their 135-year history of whiskey bonding in Ireland. We
cherish these opportunities to collaborate with the Mitchell family and look forward to welcoming even more whiskey fans to taste a piece of whiskey history within the Spot family.”

Jonathan Mitchell, Managing Director at Mitchell & Son, adds: “As the oldest family run wine and spirits merchants in Ireland, we’re delighted to continue the legacy of the Spot family, and our family’s historic role in Dublin’s whiskey bonding era.
“It has been fascinating to once again collaborate with Katherine Condon and the talented team at Midleton to celebrate the colourful story of our family business, utilising casks that would have been originally introduced to Irish whiskey in the late 1800s. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this wonderful family of whiskeys.”
Unveiled at Whiskey Live Dublin, the non-chill filtered release is bottled at 51.4% ABV or 102.8 Proof – a reference to historical methods of measuring alcohol content as noted in the Mitchell’s archive. The whiskey will be available online from from 12pm Irish Time and at Whiskey Live Dublin on the 10th of June and from all good retailers from Monday the 13th of June at the RRP of €120.  It will be available to buy in Ireland, France, the UK and Global Travel Retail, and the USA from mid-July.

Check out the video here.


istil 38 Pot Still Irish Vodka


 Pouring at Taste of Dublin 2022


The recently launched istil 38 Premium Irish Vodka has been gathering great momentum. With three expressions in its range, the best cocktail bars, gastro pubs and independent off licences around the entire country have all been huge supporters of this independently owned brand. It would only be fitting that it should feature at one of Ireland's premier food & drink festivals, Taste of Dublin.


For this year's annual event in Iveagh Gardens, istil 38 will be the pouring vodka at the main bar. This will give the thousands of customers attending over the three days from June 16th-19th, a fantastic opportunity to enjoy Ireland's most exciting vodka. The brand's creative director Pippa Ormond O'Connor (above) adds,

"I've always loved attending Taste of Dublin. It's such a well run and exciting gathering of the finest chefs and food & drink producers. We're extremely honoured to be placed amongst such incredible national talents. Our team has worked really hard to pull together a fantastic menu that is perfect for sultry summer evenings at such a delicious and fun-filled festival."



At the main festival bar, attendants will be able to enjoy:

- istil Vodka Soda & Lime

- Vanilla Mule

- istil Pink Berry & Citrus Tonic


About istil 38 Premium Irish Vodka

istil 38 was founded and is operated by Sugarloaf Beverages. The brand's management team is composed of lifelong drinks industry veterans, Shane Davey who works as managing director and co-directors Niall O'Dwyer and John Reynolds. They are also joined by business woman and lifestyle guru Pippa O'Connor Ormond. She has invested in the brand and taken on the role of creative director.

Produced in a traditional copper pot still, but made to be enjoyed with thoroughly modern serves, istil 38 Irish Vodka has three expressions in its range. A classic vodka and two flavours, Pink Berries and Vanilla. Each one is specifically designed to be mixed into long drinks and into some of the world's most loved cocktails.  

It is slow distilled four times thus leaving the vodka so pure that it needs no further filtration, leaving istil 38 with a highly finessed quality of liquid. This distillation process also gives the vodka a softer, velvety mouthfeel.

The classic istil 38 Pot Still Irish Vodka is smooth and rich enough to enjoy neat but also works wonderfully mixed with soda and fresh lime.

istil 38 Pink Berries is flavoured with Irish berries to give it a fruity sweetness that pairs wonderfully with citrus tonic waters.

istil 38 Vanilla is crafted with Madagascan Vanilla and its recipe was specifically formulated to be the ideal vodka for two of the world's most popular cocktails - the Espresso Martini and the Pornstar Martini.


Another key element behind istil 38, is their environmental and sustainability policy. They are proud to be officially partnered with Hometree with whom they are working to establish and conserve permanent and native woodland in Ireland. 5c from every bottle will be donated to Hometree. And istil 38's actual bottle was chosen due to its shape and weight, which meant less CO2 emissions when transporting. As a brand, they have committed to being a carbon neutral company from the very start of their journey.



Irish customers given rare chance to win a bottle of latest Redbreast Dream Cask release by finding a golden cork in a bottle of Redbreast 12 Year Old

Redbreast Irish Whiskey, produced by Irish Distillers at its world-renowned Midleton Distillery in Co. Cork, is offering whiskey lovers the chance to win a bottle of its eagerly anticipated fifth annual Dream Cask release – Redbreast Dream Cask Double Cask Edition, simply by finding one of three golden corks hidden among bottles of its award-winning Redbreast 12 Year Old.

Available exclusively to Irish customers through O’Briens Off Licences, Celtic Whiskey Shop and Brown Thomas Grafton Street, Dublin from Wednesday, 1st June, the competition represents a rare opportunity to secure one of the most sought-after limited edition expressions in the annual Irish whiskey calendar. Now in its fifth year, the annual Redbreast Dream Cask release features a small selection of the very finest whiskeys in Midleton’s exceptional inventory which are finished in ‘dream’ casks to create a sublime expression.  This year’s truly unique release, Redbreast Dream Cask Double Cask Edition, marries two dream casks for the first time, hand selected by Master Blender, Billy Leighton and Blender, Dave McCabe.  The 30 year old single pot still Irish whiskey captures the quintessential Redbreast style while celebrating innovation and craftsmanship.

“Bottling these outstanding casks together at precisely the right moment has resulted in an incredibly complex Irish whiskey that harmoniously balances the vanilla sweetness and caramel creaminess from the bourbon barrel and the deep, dark fruitiness from the sherry butt,” explains Leighton.

“With an ABV of 56.9%, the resulting liquid is rich in robust spice with wood-driven characteristics and notes of dark-roasted coffee, sweet liquorice, orange peel and smoked almonds amplified by the wine cask’s influence.”

Jessica Norris, Marketing Director Ireland at Irish Distillers, comments: “Our new ‘golden cork’ campaign offers three lucky winners the chance to win a bottle of the latest Redbreast Dream Cask release. We’re delighted to partner with O’Briens Off Licences, Celtic Whiskey Shop and Brown Thomas, Grafton Street, Dublin on this exclusive opportunity giving our loyal customers a chance to find a golden cork in each of these retailers. With the Dream Cask ballot now closed this is an incredible opportunity to win one of the last few remaining bottles of this special limited edition release. However, those who are not lucky enough to find one of the hidden golden corks can take consolation in enjoying the multi award winning single pot still Irish whiskey, Redbreast 12 Year Old.”