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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Feed Your Senses. Alimenta Tus Sentidos

Feed Your Senses
Alimenta Tus Sentidos 
Delicias Alicantinas

It is a cold night in the city but we are snug inside 27 Washington Street with some warming Spanish food. And downing a glass or two of Juan Gil’s red wine (Monastrell grape) from Jumilla, not normally available by the glass (€6.50). Pleasant and easy drinking, it is one of this evening’s Chef Recommendations (Specials) at Feed Your Senses (or Alimenta Tus Sentidos) a Spanish Tapas restaurant that has been operating here since early 2015.

It is a small place, so we booked. In out of the cold, we had a table by the window as we studied the specials and the full menu, lots of small and bigger tapas. There are various little “bites” and salads but we were seeking warm stuff and went straight to that section.

Spuds and two sauces
 Two dishes came together - we were sharing all through. The Delicias Alicantinas were Fried Dates (with the stone removed and replaced by an Almond “heart" and wrapped in bacon (€5.00). A little piece of Alicante heaven, they promised, and it certainly was.

The other special was Patatas Bravas Two Sauces (€8.00). The sauces were hot brava and alioli and they made it a delicious plateful. Later, I was wondering why we Irish, long-time spud lovers, haven’t taken this dish on board in our homes and restaurants.
"Queen Tapa"
 The Croquetas de Jamón were next up. These Ham croquettes, “our Queen tapa”, “soft and creamy”, were served with home-made Escalivada (8.00). They were indeed soft and creamy, with added flavour from the little crunchy bits of ham. The sauce is of roasted vegetables, somewhat similar to ratatouille.

As we were tucking into the croquettes, the Homemade Meatballs, or Albondigas to give them their proper name, arrived. These Spanish meatballs, are made with Irish beef and pork, onion, garlic, etc., and served with home-made tomato sauce and hand-cut chips. (10.50). A lovely warm dish for the night that was in it.
Meat Balls
 And this time we had room for dessert or at least for the small one we noticed on the recommendations for the day: Strawberry and Crema Catalana (3.00). A vasito of creamy deliciousness each, under a crispy topping, to send us on our way.

The Spanish products do of course come from Spain but the restaurant relies heavily on local producers and number the Alternative Bread Company, Ballycotton Seafood, Kay O’Connell, the Chicken Inn, Hassett’s Bakery among their suppliers in the English Market.


27 Washington Street West
Tel: (021) 427 4633