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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Spic and span Fudi serving up enticing Asian food in Blackpool

Spic and span Fudi serving up 

enticing Asian food in Blackpool


As a first time visitor walks, carefully, across the busy Old Mallow Road, towards the Fudi premises, you’ll have little idea, from the initial look at the exterior, of how large and how bright this neat and tidy dining room is. But once inside, the bright well decorated place will impress, as will the warm welcome, and that is all before you start to enjoy the Asian style food that is served here.

While I was in the Douglas Fudi on the night it opened, this was my first call to Blackpool. I was on the lookout for their Massaman curry but that wasn’t available on the lunch menu (which is a bit shorter than the evening and delivery menu).

Crispy Chilli Chicken
Still, there was plenty to choose from. They had a couple of soups, Buffalo wings,  Japanese Gyoza, King Prawn Tempura, Four in One, Chicken Burger, Douglas Beef Burger, and a curry Dish.

My pick was the Satay Stir Fry with onions, mixed peppers, carrots broccoli, and mushroom in satay sauce. You have a choice of chicken, beef, tofu, vegetable, or prawn. I opted for the House Special (a bit of everything!) and that cost an extra euro bringing the price to €10.90). Also I had a choice of either chips or rice and went for the latter (sharing with CL who had the fries). The stir fry was more or less perfect, just love the way the vegetables are so well cooked in Asian cuisine; indeed everything was spot on.

CL's dish was the €9.90 Crispy Chilli Chicken (with onions, mixed peppers, carrots, pineapple in their homemade sweet chilli sauce). Another excellent plateful though some people may find the sauce a little on the sweet side.

They offer plenty of drinks here including Smoothies, Teas, coffees and chocolate. No shortage of soft drinks either but surprisingly enough they don’t serve tap water. A 50ml bottle of Acqua Panna (which seems to have travelled the world to get to Cork) will cost you €3.00. 

Blackpool interior

They also sell wines (white, red and sparkling), a couple of Asian beers, the local Stag Ban Gluten Free Ale along with Stonewell ciders (including the excellent alcohol free version). Cocktails available also along with spirits, including Beara Gin.

Aside from Blackpool, Fudi has three other outlets in Cork: in Edenhall (Model Farm Road) in Douglas (in the Woollen Mills) and in Mahon (Avenue de Rennes).  If you like Asian or would like to try it, then Fudi is a great place to visit.

* We did follow-up the Massaman and got it a week or so later via their online delivery service. Ordered for 5.00pm, arrived with a smile at 5.00pm! Neatly packed too by the way.

Their Thai Red Massaman Curry (I choose the chicken option) is described as a rich creamy mild coconut milk curry with onions, carrots, mixed peppers and pineapple. Accurate enough and, as I'd hoped, I enjoyed the Massaman, even getting a spoon to get it all where I wanted it!

The other dish that evening was their Yaki Soba, the Japanese noodles coming complete with chicken, eggs, onions, carrots, bean sprouts and scallions. No real heat in this one but an excellent dish all the same.

We had ordered one side of chips and they sent two but there was no charge for the extra one. Thanks guys!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Asian Street Food in Cork City

Asian Street Food in Cork City
Enjoy Eddie's Asian Experience

Red Duck Curry

Asian Street Food hit the streets (well, one street!) of Cork City last Friday night when Aroi opened its doors in Carey’s Lane. Aroi means delicious or tasty and has had a successful six months in Limerick and now Chef Eddie Ong Chok Fong has brought the Asian experience to the heart of Cork.

If you like dishes like Pad Thai Noodles, Red Duck Curry, Som Tam Salad and Pandan Chicken, all served, street food style and perfect for sharing, then make a date at 6-7 Carey’s Lane (021) 427 2388.

The ethos in Aroi (pronounced Aroy) is to serve market fresh, locally sourced ingredients. “Our healthy cuisine avoids the obscure chemicals and additives so common in our food today. Aroi sources authentic herbs and spices and we do not use M.S.G. in any of our preparation.”

Yellow Fish Curry

Sounds good and tastes pretty good too as we found out on opening night when we called to sample. I absolutely enjoyed my Red Duck Curry (with peas, aubergines, baby corn, long beans, lime leaves and cherry tomatoes). Where else would you get it? The duck perfectly cooked and those lovely crisp vegetables.

CL went for the Yellow Fish Curry (with cod, salmon, smoked haddock, calamari, prawns, cherry tomatoes, baby corn and beans). Another bowlful of spicy deliciousness. By the way, the very spicy dishes are marked with an “s” but if in doubt ask the very helpful staff

No starters here. Just pick your mains. All curries and stir-fries are served with rice and mains cost a tenner, aside from a couple of rice dishes that come in at nine euro.

Some side dishes
If you want to add to the mains, then there are a bunch of sides dishes, most of them costing a fiver. We loved the Pandan Chicken, the Satay Gai (chicken skewer with peanut sauce), and the Thai calamari. But there are many more, including Chicken Wings and a Crispy Lotus Salad and each with its own sauce.

Lots of choices too when it comes to mains: Noodle Soups, Wok Noodle dishes, Salads, Rice Dishes, Grilled Dishes. Check them all out on the website here.

How about a drink? No shortage. We enjoyed Singha and Tiger beer and they also have Chang. Three choices each of red and white wine, most at a fiver a glass. Plenty of soft drinks also, plus teas and coffees.

Chef Eddie: Drop by some time

Valerie O’Connor, who does the PR for Aroi, says chef Eddie has enjoyed extensive attention from the food media since the setting up of Aroi in Limerick. “Hailing from Malaysia and cooking street food in Thailand since his schooldays, former Michelin star chef Eddie was nominated in the Best Chef in Munster category as well as best casual dining and best ethnic food at the prestigious Food and Wine Magazine Restaurant of the Year awards this summer. He has received glowing reviews from the country’s toughest food critics and been featured in the top food publications across the country.”

“It is not just the authentic Asian food, made with fresh herbs from his native Malaysia and Thailand, but the terrific value that customers can enjoy. With no dish above the €10 mark, groups can indulge in mains with as many side dishes that their appetite can manage, rounded off with delicious home-made gelato and coffees. Noodles dishes are created using rice noodles which are naturally gluten free, and everything is made with an abundance of fresh vegetables and are low in fat yet full of good things. With Asian beers and wines to match your feast, Aroi is sure to excite the discerning palates of Cork food lovers.”

“Drop by some time,” the smiling chef said as we made our exit. We will.