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Sauvignac, Muscaris and Marina Rion. Not your usual grapes in this Catalan gem

Sauvignac*, Muscaris* and Marina Rion*. Not your usual grapes in this Catalan gem

Albet i Noya La Volada 2021, 12% ABV, 

RRP: €20. Stockists: Sonas, Newcastle West / The Connemara Hamper, Clifden/ The Little Green Grocer, Kilkenny / Mary Pawle Online

“The latest arrival from Albet i Noya, always innovating, .. is the result of research and development to find disease-resistant grape varieties. A blend of Sauvignac, Muscaris and Marina Rion, produces this white wine…”. That’s the introduction to this new wine by importer Mary Pawle.

The colour is a light straw. The three varieties used are not alone highly aromatic but each has been proven to be resistant to fungi and other vine diseases. There is indeed the inviting scent of white flowers. On the palate, it is full of zingy citrusy flavours and immediately refreshing with a lip-smacking finish which is not overly long but long enough. 

The winery is very happy with it: “La Volada is one of the most floral and aromatic wines from the winery with an intense scent of jasmine and white flowers. In the mouth, it is very refreshing, with a gentle mouthfeel and a citrus aftertaste that reminds us of orange and grapefruit.”

La Volada is an ideal wine for hot August nights. Have it by the glass as an aperitif or pair it with fresh salads, light cheeses, seafood or seafood paellas. Highly Recommended.

The Catalan winery has invested heavily in the future by developing “grapevine” projects that will help them reduce their environmental impact while combatting pests and diseases. 

This lovely fruity and fragrant white wine is a sign that they are on the right track with experienced family patriarch Josep Maria Albet i Noya leading the way with an intense focus on the project of resistant and indigenous varieties. Expect to hear less of the international varieties from Albet and Noya in the future.

* The Three Grapes

According to "Sauvignac has been obtained by V. Blattner in Switzerland. This variety is an interspecific hybrid resulting from the crossbreeding of a descendant of Sauvignon x Riesling and a hybrid whose identity is unknown."

Marina Rion is an ancestral white grape resistant to disease that has been recovered by the winery Albet i Noya.

Muscaris is a cross between the grapes Solaris and Muskateller (Muscat), with a good resistance to diseases. It was created by Norbert Becker at the National Institute of Viticulture, Freiburg, Germany and is used in colder climates (Germany, Austria). More here.


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