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Curious about wine in a bag in a box? Curious Wines is the place to go

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Curious about wine in a bag in a box?

Curious Wines is the place to go.

LEADING Irish wine importer Curious Wines has started selling high-quality bag-in-box wine from Spanish organic winemaker Tempore. The Cork-based company has struck an agreement with the vineyard to sell its Tempore Generación 76 Tempranillo 2020 in a 3-litre bag-in-box at an extremely competitive per-litre price compared with that of a standard 750ml bottle.

“This is a smooth, aromatic and beautifully expressive Tempranillo from the Yago Aznar family, one of the most forward-thinking winemaking families in Aragón,” says Mike Kane, Curious Wines’ co-founder and Chief Taster. “They’ve been making wine for four generations. The 70-hectare estate is currently run by siblings Paula and Víctor Yago Aznar. (Víctor’s face is on the Generación 76 box.) Their organically certified operation is built on the principle of ‘Tempore’ or time, or more precisely ‘seedtime’, leaving the vines to express themselves free of intervention and with the utmost respect for the land.” 

The Yago Aznars cultivate exclusively native varieties of the Aragón region, Garnacha, Tempranillo, Macabeo and white Garnacha grapes, with 70+ year old traditional Garnacha bush vines coexisting with younger fully trellised vineyards. The entire estate is organic with a state-of-the-art winery built in 2002.

“There are significant advantages to putting wines in a bag-in-box. Not least of which is that the bag contracts as you take wine from it, which means no air gets to the wine inside. That in turn keeps the wine in peak condition for much longer once you start drinking from the bag, compared with wine in bottles, which typically have to be drunk within a couple of days of opening them. On top of which, this new 3 litre bag-in-box works out around a third less in price per unit than the standard 750ml bottle, so there is real value here,” Mike says.

Mike’s Tempore Generación 76 Tempranillo 2020 tasting notes:

“A dark cherry colour with a brilliant violet rim, on approach, lively notes of strawberries and blackberries are immediately apparent. The aromas grow in complexity with a mineral yet fruity bouquet and give way on the palate to ripe red berries with soft liquorice, delicate hints of toasted French oak and pure cocoa seeds. A perfectly blended young wine that nonetheless displays unexpected velvety maturity.”

Curious Wines is a family owned wine importer based in Cork City. It was founded in 2008 by Mike and Mary Kane as a more open, fun and approachable wine merchant for trade and private customers. It specialises in lesser known, quality wines that will tantalise the palate of curious wine drinkers in Ireland. The company distributes wine to both consumers and the trade throughout the Republic of Ireland from its headquarters and warehouse on Tramore Road, Cork, and its online shop at

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