Friday, March 24, 2023

Dingle Drive. Slea Head, Clogher Head, Ceann Sibeál. Sunny. Windy.

Heading for the great outdoors? Why not take this Dingle drive? 

Including Slea Head, Clogher Head, and Ceann Sibeál.

By all means, visit and linger at Slea Head. You may even take time out to climb the hill alongside and that will open out even more splendid views. Don't worry too much about the weather. It was very windy when we visited. Do wrap up well and don't do anything silly near the water.

After Slea, head for Clogher and climb to the top for a magnificent 360 degree view. It is not the easiest of walks but not that tough either. But good footwear is essential, as there are quite a lot of muddy patches and standing water around and you'll need all the support you can carry, including a walking stick.

Slea Head.

On Clogher, looking inland
Slea Head, from the roadway.

Sybil, from Clogher

The Three Sisters From Clogher.

Sybil, from Clogher

Heading towards the top of Clogher

Slea Head

Taken from Clogher

Looking inland from Clogher

The dead man or the sleeping giant. Inis Tuaisceart taken from Clogher. 

While shooting the waves at Slea Head last week, I happened to get this shot. The bird was walking quickly up and down the rocks near the wall of the road down to the sand. Not very well up on seabirds but, thanks to @RichardTMills, I now know it is a Ruddy Turnstone. The Turnstone is a highly migratory bird, travels the world, flying thousands of miles.

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