Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Taste of the Week. Wild Irish Hot Crabapple Pot

Taste of the Week
Wild Irish Hot Crabapple Pot

This versatile Crabapple jelly with a Chilli kick is brought to you by the Wild Irish Foragers & Preservers  from Millhouse Farm in County Offaly. Our Taste of the Week is just one of a series of their marvellous products. 

This is delicious with lamb, pork and cold meats. You may add it to sauces or enjoy it with ice-cream. Put it on your pancakes as a spread.

I did try it with lamb and it worked a treat. Cheese is not mentioned on the jar but it did go very well with St Tola’s Goats Ash Roll, even better with the original Gubbeen.


Wild Irish Foragers & Preservers
Millhouse Farm
Co. Offaly

085 - 7476761

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