Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Taste of the Week. Ballyhoura Apple Farm Milk Chocolate

Taste of the Week
Ballyhoura Apple Farm Milk Chocolate

Lots of chocolate tasted over the past few weeks - it’s that time of year. But very hard to beat this Milk Chocolate or Seacláid Bhainne. Hard too to get us Irish to turn our backs on that bainne as milk has been part of our lives for ever. 

The package emphasises that link with the words: A taste of bygone days. Well maybe the days are gone but the lovely flavours of milk remains. It is alive and delicious in this bar, that I bought from the Ballyhoura Apple stall in Mahon Point Farmers Market. Made for them  “by a local lady”, it is full of flavour with a pleasing texture and is our Taste of the Week. Well worth a try!

For more on Ballyhoura Apple Farm, check their website here.

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