Chowzter: amazing tips for foodies around the world.

Chowzter: amazing tips for foodies around the world
Marta in Barcelona
Let me tell you about Chowzter or, better still, let them tell you themselves:

Chowzter is committed to finding the tastiest fast feasts on earth each year.

In the process we hope to provide amazing tips to foodies around the world about where to get delicious fast feasts of the highest quality at a good price anytime and anywhere.

We are seeking Fast Feasts which should not be confused with historical notions of unhealthy fast food. Chowzter is committed to fresh ingredients, prepared at the moment of consumption. 

We seek out and support the local independent food purveyor and locally sourced ingredients.

We encourage healthy eating and over time will incorporate this theme more overtly into our portfolio highlighting fresh ingredients and the use of vegetables wherever possible.

We welcome input from the community as we seek to balance the delights of fast feasting with the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

London's Niamh

So how does it work? Easy. Are you off to Barcelona anytime soon? Wondering where to eat?  Just go to Chowzter, open the Europe tab, then Spain, then Barcelona where local guide Marta has the best dishes, and more, lined up for you.

So you're going to Brazil for the World Cup. Lucky you. But do you know where to eat? Why not check out the local Chief Chowzters at Rio and San Paulo. In North America you'll be spoiled for choice as dozens of cities are covered. Good coverage too in Asia and some in Africa.

Nearer home, there are no less than eight British cities covered, including London, which is covered by Niamh Shields, better known to many of you as @eatlikeagirl. Roman journalist Veruska Anconitano (not too happy after yesterday's hammering by Juventus) covers Dublin and tweets as @laCuochina while the Cork chief is none other than yours truly. See my current Cork listing here. Isaac's are tops at the moment, closely followed by Pier 26, Serendipity, Fenn's Quay, Barnabrow, Nash 19, Cafe Gusto and more!
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