Pizza Kits for Kids (and Adults)

Pizza Kits for Kids (and Adults)
Want to get your kids into the kitchen? Well, why not try the new DIY Pizza Kits from O’Keeffe’s Bakery. Two of the kits contain Dough, Sauce and Cheese, and instructions on how to make your very own Margherita.

And it is easy to do. And fun too. For the kids. Even for the adults. The ingredients have to be thawed out but that will take just a few minutes if you use the micro-wave option. Then roll out the dough, add the sauce, the cheese, any toppings you have handy (check the fridge for leftovers), rest it, bake and enjoy. It is that easy.

Most of the queue at the Supermarket seemed to think that these are for kids. But not necessarily so. The dough is really good and doesn’t get hard at all and the sauce is flavoursome and, of course, you may add your toppings, such as chorizo or mushrooms and so on and make it into a serious dish.

One of the kits makes two 7” pizzas, another makes a 10” while the third makes a 10” garlic bread.

O'Keeffe's Bakery in Cork invested close to €1 million in research and development in order to create a process that succeeds in freezing dough without losing the viability or the baking performance of the active yeast ingredient.  I’m told that this is quite a major breakthrough and could lead to new frozen dough-based consumer products and to extra jobs at the Ballincollig based firm.

The kits contains no artificial additives, colouring or preservatives and are available nationwide from selected Tesco, Dunnes and Musgrave Stores. For all the latest on the kits, check the facebook page.