Cha teas, handpicked and sourced from single estates at the foothills of the Himalayas, are being introduced to Ireland and the UK by Dublin based Cafe de Cuba. I’ve been sampling the newcomers, which are all organic.

I like my blacks so I started with the Pure Black. This is a fine strong smooth cup of tea to start the day with. The addition of a little milk didn't spoil the flavour (I prefer it black but someone else doesn’t!).

The classic Earl Grey was next up. This is indeed very pleasant and I loved both the gorgeous aroma (bergamot and vanilla) and that terrific taste.

Then I began to get to the ones that I thought I mightn’t like, starting with the Golden Mango. But I needn’t have worried. It doesn’t have quite the same heft as the first two but is nonetheless a very pleasant drink. They say it can be enjoyed hot or cold. I had it hot but must try it cold sometime.
In the 80s when Jack Charlton brought the Republic of Ireland to play Munster in a warm-up game in hot conditions, tea was supplied to the internationals to cool them down in the old dressing rooms at Turner’s Cross.

Don't think they had the Cha Spring Mint in which is a cooling blend and may be enjoyed hot or cold. Again I had it hot and found it pleasantly aromatic with a moderately strong flavour (the mint is not at all overpowering) but it is one that I will try cold.

Then on to Pure Green. No big aroma and a moderate , rather dry taste with no bitter after taste found in some other green teas. Perhaps it is what goes on in the background is the important thing to note as it is rich in anti-oxidants, relaxing and calming.

There is another tea in the range that I didn't get to try and that is the Very Berry, “a green tea with naturally extracted flavours of strawberry, raspberry and cherry. Very refreshing tea that can be enjoyed either hot or cold”.

Quite a choice and you can take it that my favourites are the black and the grey but I’d have no problem whatsoever with sipping a cup of any of the others at any time.

Cafe de Cuba, as you might expect, also sell coffees and I’ll be taking a look at their range soon. If you can’t wait, why not check out the site.