Had an enjoyable family lunch at Glounthaune’s Rising Tide at the weekend.

Food and prices were good at this popular bistro and so too was the welcome and the service, the latter unobtrusively chatty and well tuned to the two kids, one of whom incredibly demolished that dessert Death by Chocolate.

Most started with the vegetable soup and a decent one it was. Lamb was the roast of the day and the two who choose that were very happy with it as was the punter who enjoyed the fish pie. I picked the lambs liver, with a rich sauce that included caramelised onion; it was very tasty and the vegetables on a side dish were nicely done. All main courses were priced in the €11.00 to €13.00 region.

Had a nice glass of merlot so was well set up for the day.

Didn't need much that evening. Have you ever felt that way, saying to yourself around the 7.00pm mark, what will I eat now? My solution: smoked mackerel (one fillet per person), Ruby grapefruit and a mixed small leaf salad, plus a glass of water, wine or Cava. Not bad.


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