Old Irish Creamery in Limerick

Picked up a Cheddar Cheese with Red Wine recently, just to try it out. It is a beauty and made under the Old Irish Creamery label in Effin Co Limerick.
Checked it out further and found that the JOD Food Company is building up its share of the market and has won awards at shows in Dublin and Nantwich (Cheshire). Cheeses produced include Natural Irish Oak Smoked, Garlic & Herbs, Walnut, Chilli, Porter, Whiskey, the Wine, Chives, Blueberries, and Effin Spicy Cheese coated with black peppercorns.
I’ll be on the lookout for the others. If they are all as good as the Cheddar with Red Wine then I’m on a winner.

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I must declare an interest here in that JOD is a cousin of mine! I got a few of their cheeses before Christmas and happily gained about half a stone munching my way through them. Wasn't mad about the red wine one myself but the smoked cheese and the walnut one are particularly good. Om nom nom
Cork Billy said…
Review also at http://www.qype.co.uk/review/1176264