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Monday, June 20, 2022

Summertime at the big house. Sculpture on the lawn. Lunch in the conservatory.

 Summertime at the big house. Sculpture on the lawn. 

Lunch in the conservatory. Ballymaloe House

Side view of James Joyce by John Coll

I always enjoy my visit to the annual Richard Scott Sculpture Gallery Ballymaloe exhibition. So popular ha sit become that it now has made a permanent home on the lawn in front of the big house with a field of barley growing alongside. While you may not walk on the barley, the exhibition organisers have created a 600 meter grass pathway weaving through the long grass alongside the mown sculpture area.

After all that strolling and walking, we thought we deserved our light lunch in the Ballymaloe Conservatory. As always, much of what you get here is their own produce with some also provided by local producers. We enjoyed, in some comfort, the Caherbeg Bacon Sandwich and also the House Paté with side salad and superb toast, all washed down with a glass of their Apple Juice and a bottle of non-alcoholic Stonewell Cider.

Head-on view of James Joyce by John Coll. Best in show?

There are over forty pieces (created by 23 Irish artists) in the current exhibition; it runs until 31st August and is open from 9.00am to 9.00pm each day. And if you come on a Thursday in June and July at 6.00pm, you may take a guided tour which is relaxed and informative. No booking required.
A field of sculpture

House Paté

Sunny Day by Eileen Singleton

Eileen Singleton has a trio of these pieces in the show and I liked all three though this is perhaps my favourite!

Free range Caherbeg Bacon

Sea Eagle by Ester Barrett
Animals always feature here and this sea eagle in bronze is a splendid example.  Another Barrett piece, titled Emerging, is possible even more striking but I didn't get a decent photo. Others to look out for include Adan Pomeroy's Raven and the mini-pieces by 8ight called Scorpion, Bull, Dragonfly and especially (for me) Butterfly.

The Tall Green Hare by Seamus Connolly

This is probably the most eye-catching of the hares in the show. Donnacha Cahill also has a couple (one big, one small) while Peter Killeen has two smooth customers in bronze.

Sir Dan by Aidan Harte

Don't think I'd fancy meeting Sir Dan in a ring or down a dark alley. It is in bronze. Below we have a smoother piece in Kilkenny Limestone. I reckon The Pugilist may at least abide by the Marquis of Queensbury Rules while Dan would be more the Mixer Martial Arts type.

Pugilist by Jason Ellis. Jason's Supplicant also impresses.

Hedgehogs by Richard Healy

This small scale bronze could well be one of the most popular pieces in the exhibition, makes everybody smile. I like it of course though my overall favourite is the James Joyce, the one that makes you frown!
More the exhibition here.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Early February Stroll In Blarney Castle Gardens

 Early February Stroll In Blarney Castle Gardens

All pics from 3rd Feb 2021

The Wishing Steps. Make a wish, then walk up and down. Better results if you
close your eyes and walk backwards.


Fern Garden

Fern Garden

Blarney House (not open to the public)


Don't know. Anyone?

Picnic anyone?


Putting down roots



Trees with castle in background.

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Sunshine in Blarney Castle Grounds. Walks And Interest Galore.

Sunshine in Blarney Castle Grounds. Walks And Interest Galore.

(pics from 14th Jan 2021)

Horse. And robin!

Horse. And robin!


Fungus, also below

Badgers Cave

Badgers Cave. The escape route for defenders
when Cromwellian troops attacked the castle 

Lion Rock

River walk

Horses Graveyard

Not looking good for this owl. Checked with office who already knew about the casualty
and had someone on the way.


Blarney Castle Grounds. First Tuesday of 2021