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Coastal, Casual, Cool At The Lodge In Myrtleville. Appetising Dishes With International Flavours.

Coastal, Casual, Cool At 
The Lodge In Myrtleville. 

Appetising Dishes With International Flavours.

Butter Chicken Curry 

The Lodge at Myrtleville is coastal and casual. And cool. Have you seen this sentence in big letters on the side of the building as you drive down towards the nearby beach? It reads: "I don't need an inspirational quote. I need beer.” A place that's not afraid to have a bit of fun!

And if you need that beer, here’s another sign that needs reading: “If you want our booze, wear shirt and shoes”. And on the same notice board, you’ll see that your dog is welcome but must be kept on a lead. So cool, casual, coastal and canine-friendly as well.

And the food? How about a drink first? No bother, there is a full bar here. I'm always a fan of places that support local businesses, and it's clear that The Lodge at Myrtleville does that.  Blacks of Kinsale are among the suppliers to benefit. Their popular beers (I began with a glass of their excellent ale) and whiskey and gin are available here. And some delicious wines too including the smashing Grande Escolha Vinho Verde from Portugal (by the glass and by the bottle).


No shortage of familiar items on the menu, including burgers and pizzas, chicken wings, and curries. But before grumpily declaring “the same old suspects”, look closer. Those chicken wings come with a Korean sauce, the starters offer a Greek dish (with an amazing relish), and the burgers include one with Mexican Spiced Shredded Pork. Not just standard fare here as there are some unique flavours on the menu and these are just a few examples.

Gochujang BBQ Wings

We got a few tips from the servers - they are all friendly and keen to help here - and made our choices. I’m keen on that Greek one from the Small Plates list, described as Kreatopita, a Greek Style Dish, (Filo Pastry Stuffed with Pulled Beef & Feta) and served with that outstanding Tomato & Basil Relish, plus a small tasty salad.

Looking at our venue from the beach road. The Lodge has terrific views across the Cork
harbour mouth and out to the sea.

A big thumbs up for that and also for our other small plate (not that small by the way!), the Gochujang BBQ Wings (chicken wings glazed with Korean BBQ Sauce, Sesame and Scallions). That Gochujang sauce may well be familiar to customers of the Marina Market. 

Goan Prawn Curry

The focus then switched to the Indian sub-continent as our mains arrived. Mine was the Goan Prawn Curry (a delicately spiced Prawn curry with a blend of coconut milk, curry leaves and a hint of tamarind). The coastal southwest Indian state is famous for its curries and this was superb, delicious and filling.

CL did well here too. Her pick was the Butter Chicken Curry (Chicken Tikka simmered in a rich creamy, buttery and aromatic tomato curry), originally from Northern India. Skinny Fries (top-notch) along with steamed rice and Paratha Indian Bread completed the mains.

Butter Chicken Curry and Rice

We were pretty full at that stage and gave the desserts a skip on this occasion. The Lodge can take 70 patrons inside and as many (if not more outside). Consider reserving a table if you have decided to dine indoors. 

Didn't get to try their Burrata dish.
Next time! Pic by the Lodge.

Any of you checking out the Inst page of The Lodge will have noted tempting pics of Argentinian Braised Lamb Shoulder and Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks and so on. None of these are on the menu at the moment but watch this space. Plans are also afoot to expand the kitchen and enlarge the menu. And also watch out for a Wine Evening or two in the autumn/winter period.

Still lots of long summer days ahead, so do go for a walk on the beach before or after an informal and lovely meal at The Lodge.

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