Cafe Serendipity. A Happy Hour

Cafe Serendipity. A Happy Hour

They were praying for the weather to dry up when we arrived at Cafe Serendipity on the Western Road one night last week. We joined in the prayers. They weren’t answered but our wish for a good dinner certainly was and we spent a happy hour being well cared for by Aideen (the General Manager), Krzysztof (Head Chef) and Keeley (waitress).

The fire was on and we enjoyed its warmth and glow and also the artwork on the whitewashed stone wall as we settled into our comfortable seats. Then we studied the menu and it looked very promising indeed and that good feeling was enhanced with the arrival of the mini-specials board to the table. These had a terrific selection of fish dishes and one very special dessert!


John Dory
We went with the specials for the main course. I was delighted with my Pan Fried Hake, served with Rösti Potatoes, chorizo chowder, jumbo capers, sundried tomatoes, and crispy Parma ham (16.00). A good mix of flavours, some nice sharpness from the capers and tomatoes and gorgeous fresh fish. Wondering what the chorizo chowder was? Just the sauce but a terrific one.

John Dory, with fondant potatoes, baby carrots, asparagus, Samphire, artichokes and saffron beurre blanc (20.00) was the other special at our table and that too drew the kudos. Looked well and tasted even better. Perfect.

The starters came from the regular list and were none the worse for that. CL enjoyed her Serendipity Smoked Chicken Salad. My pick was the Hot Calamari Salad - Artichokes, jumbo capers, red onions, asparagus, figs and sundried tomato (7.00), one of the best squid starters I’ve had in a while.
Prune Crème Brûlée
For dessert, it was back to the Special Boards for CL and a lovely Natural Yoghurt and Red Wine Barry Compote (4.25). Something different for me too, though from the regular list: Prune Crème Brûlée with Pine nut shortbread, a lovely variation on the Crème Brûlée theme.

A Happy Hour? Yes indeed. Perhaps a bit longer, closer to two hours, but we enjoyed the time spent there, the excellent food and friendly service.