West Cork’s Charlie Costello (@charliecostello), restaurant owner and hotel manager, is never short of an idea or two and lately he has been thinking about expanding the interaction of food and wine people on twitter, especially producers and suppliers.

“What about meeting up with your tweeting suppliers. We could feature their food & wines.” 

Just been wondering what form this could take. And duration? 

Perhaps, it could it start off with a tasting night? Something like that evening when launched their service in the English Market. Should it take place in a restaurant with the menu for the night drawn from the suppliers?

Should it be a weekend festival? There are so many suppliers in the Cork area that I suspect more than one restaurant might be needed. Hold the event in a town or area, like Clonakilty for example, where there is a cluster of restaurants. First course here, second course there, dessert over there. Maybe erect a marquee?

I know there are some very enjoyable food events around the city and county but don’t we need a really grand showcase? One that would draw the punters in from near and far, especially now that the reputation of Irish food is so high.

Any ideas out there?  Here is a link to some American food and wine festivals. Have a look and let us have your comments in the facility below or via twitter!

Thanks to @ Jacqueline Stedman, via Twitter, you can see how they do it in one part of Australia here


The Beer Nut said…
You want to raise the reputation of Irish food; you have four quality artisan brewers in on your doorstep in Munster; and yet this is to be a Food and Wine event?

I'm not saying there shouldn't be any wine, but something's very obviously missing from the title.
Cork Billy said…
No argument - title changed. Must also remember all the apple drink producers.
Cork Billy said…
Any of the four brewers on Twitter?
The Beer Nut said…
Indeed. Do you know if the Longueville House cider is in production yet? I've been looking forward to that.
The Beer Nut said…
@dungarvanbrewco and @metalmanbrewing are. White Gypsy and Franciscan Well not, alas.

Other Twittering Irish breweries are @porterhousebars, @OHaraIrishStout, @trouble_brewing and @messrsmaguire.
Cork Billy said…
Thanks for the info. Not sure about the cider, nothing obvious on their website
Unknown said…
A few thoughts....
Set up Twitter loyalty programme between suppliers and restaurants – a diner is in a restaurant, they enjoy their main course & tweet about it (mentioning the supplier). The supplier rewards the restaurant owner in some way.
Create a logo & hash tag for menus.

Have an event like a table quiz, but with great food & wine.
Four diners buy a table in a restaurant. Their meal consists of tasting platters where they are blindfolded and have to guess what the food is/the supplier/an ingredient it was cooked with. Prizes for the winners and runners up. Have a celebrity MC. Invite food journalists or bloggers to attend. Proceeds going to charity.

Set a weekend where all over Co. Cork food producers/suppliers and restaurateurs visit each other’s premises to see exactly what happens at the source. That night in some restaurants the chefs host cooking demonstrations & tastings of dishes where several producers/suppliers produce are used. It could encourage the food & wine community to work together.
Unknown said…
Date dependent, we'll fly the cider flag!