Thursday, September 30, 2010



So handy having a place such as the English Market  (or any decent market) on your doorstep. Visited there yesterday with a short shopping list.

The essential item was sardines and got seven plump fillets (c. €3.50) at O’Connell’s. Then over to ABC for a loaf of Focaccia bread and picked up the last piece of the puzzle, a little box of juicy Cherry Tomatoes (€1.29), at Superfruit.

Back at the ranch, step one saw the tomatoes being roasted; step two saw the sardines (you could also use mackerel) being grilled and then the bread went under the grill. Olive oil was used at almost all stages and the result was a beautiful toasted lunch.

That lunch was planned;  today’s wasn’t. But it was even easier. Was back to ABC for my favourite Country Baguette (€2.50), though the main object was fish for dinner from Ballycotton Seafood and I cleaned them out of pollock.

The remainder of the cherry tomatoes were pressed into use. Cut them up and added them to the baguette along with some Carrigaline Farmhouse Cheese (Herb and Garlic), shredded some basil off the windowsill and combined the lot in a tasty open sandwich.

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