Sometimes groups of specialists, including foodies, use buzz words and expect everyone else to know what they mean. Spelt is one I’ve come across recently. What is is?

Found it well explained at Cathy's Spelt for Health 
It is a member of the same grain family as oats and wheat but is a different species. Spelt breads are low in gluten, high in protein and are easily digested which makes them a very good option for people who are wheat intolerant.”

Now you know and, if you want to see the real thing then, i
f you are around Cork on Friday 12 of March, call in to Nash 19 and meet Cathy who supplies them with her fantastic Spelt for Health Mix. She will be in the Food Shop from 11 am to tell more about her products and to give out samples of her bread and flap jacks.


Kitty Deschanel said…
Thanks for the link. My husband is an avid beer brewer (as of about 2 months ago, lol) and I think he has some of this stuff lying around.

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I was in Nash 19 on Princes Street, Cork City on Friday. The staff were so friendly and welcoming.Having had lunch there im not suprised they have queues out the door. I think the tasting went very well, see you soon!