Sunday, March 28, 2010

La Jolie Brise Restaurant in Baltimore


La Jolie Brise is one of a small string of pizza, restaurant and room rental properties run by the Waterfront in Baltimore (West Cork).

They include Chez Youen, a French Restaurant, but it was to the pizzeria plus fish tables of La Jolie Brise that we headed yesterday at lunch time.

A few years back, we spent two glorious days staying and eating in the Waterfront and one evening they ran out of mussels.

We made up for that today with some Moules Frites: two large bowls of delicious Roaringbay mussels along with a basket each of tasty chips. It made for an excellent lunch and cost €12.00 each.

La Jolie Brise is situated in the picturesque village of Baltimore in West Cork, Ireland. Looking out over the harbour mouth, it is an ideal setting for visitors to enjoy the beautiful views and activities of Baltimore Harbour while relaxing and enjoying the food and wine.

La Jolie Brise is on the right in my photo, taken yesterday.

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