The Cotton Ball in Cork

The Cotton Ball is one of the oldest in the city and one of the best. It is divided into Bar and Lounge. The latter was refurnished a few years now. It is much bigger than the bar but the big square box feeling is avoided as it has been divided up into a few smaller areas.

The Cotton is not really a sports bar but you can watch the games there and more and more are now doing that on the screens which were placed in most areas.

The venue, in the Lynch family for decades, was once famed as a music venue but those days are long gone. There are mixed feelings. Many people enjoy the music but other go out for the conversation and that can be drowned out if the music is loud.

But it gets on well without the music. There is a good staff there and service, of a wide variety of drinks (including wine at just €4.00 for a quarter bottle, is usually with a smile.

You can also pop in there for lunch these days. Nothing major on the menu but you can get soup and sandwiches and Panini’s and snacks of a similar nature.

This is a well run house with a good ambience. It is also a fairly comfortable meeting place where yourself and the ball and chain can find a corner but which can also accommodate a large group of friends and relations for a milestone birthday celebration.

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Cork Billy said…
Good question! In Mayfield - go to Qype link at bottom of review for map (inc. exact location)