Rossini’s is one of the longest established Italian restaurants in Cork City. Proprietors Patricia and Salvatore Toscano have got to be doing something right to survive the intense centre city competition.

One thing the restaurant does right is its Chicken Cacciatore (hunter style). I’m not a regular there but picked that particular dish (€21.90) on a recent visit. It was magnificent. The chicken was served in a “massive” tomato sauce, olives and mushrooms also included. The big plate was quite packed – just as well I didn’t have a starter (most of which are close to €10.00). Vegetables galore, including onion, asparagus, celery and broccoli and a helping of sautéed potato.

We did order a carafe of house wine and got a surprise here. I have been ordering carafes regularly enough in local restaurants, less regularly in establishments in France and Switzerland and was under the impression that a carafe was 50cl. But the serving in Rossini’s was a surprise litre size! Still, it was quite good value for €24.00 and we managed to put it away without too much difficulty.

Another surprise came at the end when we got the bill. It was about double the expected amount – it was for a different table! We got that sorted no problem. I suppose it could happen anywhere –although it was a first for me.

A colleague who had been to the popular Princes Street venue recently didn’t enjoy the experience saying the service was pretty poor (it seemed as if the place was understaffed on the night) and the pizza arrived late, so late that the cheese has lost its “elasticity” and had dried up. But I have to say that our service was perfect and friendly. The place was packed and the atmosphere good, enhanced by some live music.

The live music is on the menu from Tuesday to Saturday. The restaurant itself, which is probably in the mid-price range in the city, is open 7 nights a week, with dinner served from 6.00pm. Telephone is 021-4275818.


I've never been but an Italian friend was recently there and was full of praise for the food and service!! We all know how fussy Italians are!:)
Anonymous said…
I had a voucher for Rossini's given to me by my father who recieved it as a thank you from Rossini's because he is constantly recommending them (my father works in the hotel industry). I was only too delighted to take the voucher off his hands and booked the restaurant for myself and my boyfriend 3 weeks in advance. I confirmed the booking twice before the actual date. The dinner was for 8pm. We arrived there at 7.40pm to tell them we would be across the road and will be over at 7.55pm. We did this and little did we know that we were going to be put in a queue outside the door with 22 other people. After 10 mins of waiting i squeezed my way through to ask the manager what was going on etc. I got the most ignorant reply and he barked at me to just wait because they are doing the best they can. I have never recieved such an argoant, ignorant responce to a perfectly entitled question. I have worked in the hotel and catering industry for years and am appalled that this is the attitude management take. Myself and my partner will not be gracing the doors of Rossini's again, unless there is a change in management that is. I have tried to contact Rossini's directly with my complaint but there doesnt seem to be anyone who is will to listen to me. As far as i am concerned, Rossini's see's the euro sign everytime the door opens and won't turn away anyone even if it means ruining the atmosphere for those already having dinner.
My father certainly won't be recommending Rossini's to anyone again.
Anonymous said…
oh, please grow up! you sound like a spoiled brat with an overblown sense of entitlement. i don't see what's so rude about someone telling you that they're doing the best they can. i have been going to rossini's for years and have found the service to be friendly and prompt, the food to be delicious, and the management / owners to be accommodating without exception. the 22 people in the queue should give you a hint that the problem might not be the restaurant, it might be you and your unrealistic expectations.
Anonymous said…
simply a fantastic experience!the food is superb and the atmosphere is unbelievable.the place was rocking. everyone cant be wrong!and i saw michael flatley there on the night
Unknown said…
I am going to rossini's tonight for dinner at 8. I have it booked so will let you know how it goes. I have been there before and found it fab so I'm expecting great things. Will post again on monday
Cork Billy said…
Look forward to that. If you wish, we can put it up as a post (rather than just a comment).