Founded in 1992, Brendan Murphy’s Four Liars Bistro, in the shadow of Shandon, is still going strong, still offering good food at decent prices.

Take the current early bird (5.30 to 7.15) as an example. You can pick from about six starters. Mine was simply described as: Pork and Veal Terrine on a Burnt Orange Glaze. But it was much more than that. It was accompanied by a generous crunchy salad and a few tasty strawberries combined well with the terrine. All for a fiver.

Then on to the main course. Again there is quite a choice, prices ranging from about €12 to €15.00. I picked the Baked Fresh Salmon in Dill and Cream Sauce, served with a Croquette and Puree of vegetables. He doesn’t write it all down though. The fish is served on a beautifully flavoured mash potato and, be warned, meat or fish portions are generous.

Being generous is not much good if the food is poor. Have no fears here though. Brendan has cooked around the world and this salmon dish was excellent.

Too full to chance the desserts (this man puts sherry into his sherry trifle), we took our time and finished off the wine, which was the house white, a Domaine Virginie Terret/Sauvignon sur lie. Refreshing was my first comment on sipping the tasting sample. It is a rare combination in these parts but is appealingly dry, fruity and with good lasting favour. Price €20.00. The four Liars is a BYO restaurant which means you can bring in your own wine and the corkage charge is €5.00.

Brendan has cooked for George Bush, Liz Taylor, Willie Brandt, Jackie Kennedy, Elton John, Richard Burton and Queen Elizabeth II to name but a few. He is also a keen artist and drawer, and many of his works can be found on display on the walls of the Four Liars Bistro and at


Anonymous said…
Had a rotten dining experience at this "bistro" on a Saturday Night

Shoud've realised when there was only two other diners @ 8.30pm

The food was worse than school dinners........

Started with Deep Fried Camembert parcels and was delivered nearly a full slab cheese that had been overcooked to the point you could build a wall with the parcels

The sirloin (5 euro extra to the set menu) was served on what can only be described as pplate of goo with a bisto gravy

Dont be fooled by the rhubarb written on the web site

If this guy has cooked for George Bush, I.m Henrik Larsson
Unknown said…
Dont know about the main review but my dinner wasn't great.

Place was cold, veg was cold, couldnt taste the pepper sauce that came with my steak.

I'd say someones been telling porkys about his CV....