Called in to Liberty Grill early (6.00pm) last evening. No reservation but no problem getting a table, though it did get quite busy later on. Seating was comfortable and service was friendly and courteous.
I started with the Southern Fried Chicken Salad (€7.65): slices of southern fried chicken on a bed of seasonal leaves with Jalapeno peppers, toasted cashews and tomato salsa. Really enjoyed this tasty (medium spicy) starter which is also available as a main course.
CL picked the Deep Fried Cambozola (€4.80) as her starter and was quite pleased with it. Nothing exceptional but well done and served with a cranberry coulis and salad.
Her main course, the Californian Chicken (€15.95), also falls in the nothing exceptional but well done category. This was marinated supreme of chicken, chargrilled and served with red pepper and basil oils, duck-fat roasted potatoes and herb salad.
I had been expecting something exceptional for mine (pictured); it was all that when I tried it first a couple of years back (they don’t change the menu much here). But, for the second time in a row (a big gap in between), it proved a huge disappointment.
 I’m talking about the Tennessee FlambĂ© (€17.25), described as tender medallions of beef, peppered and flambĂ©ed in a shot of Jack Daniels and served with mushrooms, sweet balsamic onions, and with crispy garlic potatoes.
Description was pretty spot-on except for the most important word tender. The steak knife had trouble going through the first medallion and there was little improvement with the second. Shame really as, when at its best, this is a fantastic dish.