Georgina Campbell’s Ireland - The Best of the Best


Georgina Campbell’s Ireland -
The Best of the Best
Georgina's personal selection of the very best places to eat, drink & stay, hand picked from this new edition of the comprehensive guide to Ireland’s best. Many wonderful places to delight the most discerning traveller.

Back by popular demand, this new edition of Georgina Campbell’s famous “glovebox bible” is a highly selective independently assessed guide to the very best of Irish food and hospitality.

Designed as a handy reference, to accompany the more extensive recommendations on the award winning website, its wide range of categories - hotels, restaurants, cafés, pubs, country houses, guesthouses and farmhouses - ensures the best choices for the discerning traveller at all times and in all price ranges.

The emphasis in this collection is on the all-round experience, especially for the ‘culturally curious’, and hosts who will engage enthusiastically with guests regarding places of local interest and artisan foods in the area, many of which feature on the website

Explaining the rationale behind this new selection, Georgina Campbell says:
“Exploring Ireland has always been a great experience and this book is testament to the enormous changes for the better that have recently been taking place in Irish food and tourism. It is over a decade since we published a new edition of ‘The Best of the Best’ and it has been an interesting journey. I have no recollection of it being especially difficult to make our selections for the last ‘Best’ guide - there were far less outstanding establishments to choose from and the best choices seemed relatively obvious. ‘Best’ was generally seen as high-end and - although with honourable exceptions - the majority of our (much smaller) selection tended to be well-established, and often famous, places in the upper price bracket.

But now that has all changed. Disappointing experiences are still a real possibility of course (in all price ranges) but, in general, standards have been raised throughout the country and across the board. There’s now a special brand of excellence that covers a much broader spectrum and includes many very casual places to eat, drink and stay, so this selection reflects that changing perception, and the fact that ‘best’ experiences are accessible to all, regardless of taste or budget. A stay at a simple island B&B or a converted horse truck, for example, can be at least as memorable as a break in a top hotel, and a casual meal in a beach shack might be the highlight of a holiday or business visit that also includes plenty of fine dining.

Due to these very welcome improvements, making ‘Best’ selections from our much bigger, but also excellent, broad-based main collection of recommendations in ‘the Guide’ has been challenging, but we have endeavoured to pick the very best of their type - often because they give visitors a special opportunity to experience Irish culture (including food culture) and history - as much as for the world-renowned hospitality of the people and outstanding food and drink.”

from top hotels to beachside huts

The ideal reference for times when you’re away from your desk and mobile coverage is infuriatingly absent, to keep in the car and beside the phone - and as a valued small gift - this quality production will be welcomed by fans of Georgina Campbell’s guides, and is sure to earn many new ones.

This highly selective edition of the ‘glovebox bible’ includes a uniquely diverse range of great places to eat drink and stay, from the frankly luxurious to the charmingly quirky.

Georgina Campbell’s Ireland The Best of the Best- The very Best Places to Eat, Drink & Stay
On sale now in bookshops and online from (p&p free in Ireland), €20/stg£16.99./US $20 Published by GCGuides/Epicure Press; 576 pages, high quality paperback with flaps; maps & colour images throughout. ISBN: 978-1-903164-341

About the Author: Georgina Campbell is a leading writer on all aspects of Irish food and hospitality; a founding member and current President of the Irish Food Writers’ Guild, her books books include regional hospitality guides & cookbooks as well as the flagship ‘Georgina Campbell’s Ireland’ series of independent all-Ireland guides, ‘the glovebox bible’

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