‘Our Table’ pop up event promises a fusion of flavours at ‘The Rocket Man’

Our Table’ pop up event promises a fusion of flavours on June Bank Holiday weekend at ‘The Rocket Man’, Princes Street Cork.

Ø  Ballymaloe trained chef Ellie Kisyombe is bringing ‘Our Table’ a non-profit community driven group to Cork creating a unique pop up event in the heart of the city on Sunday June 3rd.

Ø  Our Table aims to promote discussion about the Direct Provision system through food

Ø  The event has been made possible through a donation from Cork City Council which has allowed Ellie to bring a team to create some spectacular dishes inspired by countries all over the world. The event will start at 9am and the café will stay open until 8:30pm.

The pop up is part of a larger initiative called the Cork Sanctuary Runners which will see asylum seekers, refugees and Irish people running together on the one team wearing the same team tops. The aim is to provide an opportunity for Irish people to run alongside, and in solidarity, with those in Direct Provision. Runners will have spent weeks training with those in Direct Provision in the build-up this year's Marathon. 

Friendships have been built and understanding gained. The brainchild of journalist Graham Clifford and Photographer Clare Keogh the initiative is supported by Cork City Council, the Tomar Trust, University College Cork and the HSE. Already 150 people have signed up to run with the group - including 51 runners from 20 countries who are currently living from Direct Provision centres in Cork City and County. Once they cross the finish line the Sanctuary Runners will gather on Princess Street where, as well as amazing food, a festival feel will consume the city centre to which all are welcome. 

Jack Crotty owner of the Rocket Man has allowed his premise to be used for the event.  He said “Food or when people break bread is when people come together. Around the kitchen table is where conversations, laughs and even fights take place. If you take that away from people, where do these conversations take place? People who live in Direct Provision don’t have this basic privilege and this event, is about changing that mindset. It’s about bringing people from all walks of life together to break bread as they celebrate the end of the marathon”  

Ellie is still living in Direct Provision where she does not have the facilities or the right to cook, even though it is one of her greatest passions. She now works with Our Table. Her menu has been inspired by different cultures. For breakfast patrons, can choose from a selection of organic Macroom porridge served with Ballymaloe cream, Ballymaloe Soda and Sourdough bread, granola served with yogurt, salami and cheese. Lunch was inspired by Middle Eastern, African and Indian tastes with chicken samosa, vegetables, Banjira (falafel) and ciabatta bread served with Heritage Ham, donated by award winning artisan butchers James Whelan Butchers, who will soon be opening a store in Cork.

The main menu will be served until 8:30pm and will include barbequed chicken with Peri Peri sauces, Mang’iga (cowlegs cooked in spinach with sweet tomato sauce), coconut beef stew and vegetable sides. If that wasn’t enough you can choose from a selection of red Smokey rice, Injera bread from Ethopia and Eritrea, East Central West African salads, Mediterranean salads like quinoa fig salad.  Dessert includes Algierian chocolate sweets and banana toffee cake. 

She said, “I’m really excited about coming back to Cork to create this fusion of flavours inspired by different countries from around the world, I’m urging people to come to ‘Our Table’ and meet people from all over the world and those who live in Direct Provision centres and to just hang out and have fun”

The first question Jack Crotty asks his own team when trying out new recipes for The Rocket Man is “will this taste awesome?” Patrons can find out on the day from 9am.

For more information and up to date news on Cork Sanctuary runners visit @SanctuaryRunner OR if you want to run with the Cork Sanctuary Runners email: Sanctuaryrunners@gmail.com

Our Table is a community driven, non-profit project that aims to highlight the need to end direct provision in Ireland. Their goal is to facilitate change through conversation over food.

Our Table aims to create nurturing and empathic spaces where people can gain skills, are paid a wage and can gain knowledge of the Irish food industry. It is a non-profit, non-denominational organisation that aims to build an awareness of food in multicultural Ireland and to highlight that the current system of Direct Provision is deeply flawed.

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