Tasting Irish Breads from Irish grains

Tasting Irish Breads from Irish grains

Its been nearly a year but we are back with a story of experimentation, learning and collaboration between growers, millers and bakers. 
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Since the real bread sector started to kick into life 5 plus years ago one of the most exciting things to watch has been the emerging collaborations between growers, millers and bakers.
This taps into trends around local food, connecting food products on the shelf back to farmers and also into our use of heritage grains.

Growing, milling and baking Irish breads

Joining us will be:
  • Sarah Richards (Seagull Bakery, Tramore) and Richard Mosse (Kells Mill, Kilkenny) who will talk about their work in re-establishing local grain growing and milling. 
  • Joe Fitzmaurice (Riot Rye Bakery, Cloughjordan) and Bruce Darrell (organic grower, Cloughjordan EcoVillage) who will share their joint project to grow grains in Cloughjordan and then make bread on the same site.
  • Emma Clutterbuck (Oak Forest Mills, Kilkenny) who are starting to grow and mill organic (in conversion) grains such as spelt, wheat, einkorn and barley. 
There are many challenges as well as excitements in making Irish bread from Irish grains and we will get to hear about them all - and taste great breads too :-)

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Keith (Biabeag) & Julie (Highbank Organic Orchard)
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