SuperValu Unveils Its New Summer Wine Range. With A Father's Day Special

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SuperValu Unveils Its New Summer Wine Range. 
With A Father's Day Special
Kevin O'Callaghan
Head Wine Buyer

Just in time for Father’s Day, SuperValu have a very special offer – Aresti’s Family Collection Magnum (1.5 litre), great value at €20 (RRP €49.99) - available in stores and online now. With an intense and deep red colour, this blend is firm and dense with rich and chewy tannins. Lovely aromas of blackberries and spices paired with mocha and vanilla come out in the nose. Elegant and complex in its full bodied palate, it comes together in a long and pleasant finish.

The Summer selection of wines, from around the world, have been added to its renowned Specially Sourced range – all of which are exclusively available in SuperValu stores nationwide and online at Over the last number of years, SuperValu has worked tirelessly to expand its wine range giving its shoppers a selection of interesting wines of high quality, at prices that offer exceptional value. However, again this year they have produced a top-notch selection of the wines for the summer season.

Interestingly, there have been some wine trends emerging over the last 12 months most notably in the rise and fall in sales of wines from certain regions (ref: ACNielsen) – Argentina (+18.04%) and New Zealand (+17.18%) have both witnessed significant sales increases, with Chile (+7.1%) Italy (4.19%) and Spain (4.09%) seeing a real uplift. The rise of European wines collective is building and changing the split between new and old- world wines. Surprisingly, Portuguese wine has doubled its growth over the last year but still holding the smallest share of the wine market.

Speaking on the new range, SuperValu’s Head Wine Buyer Kevin O’Callaghan said: This year I am particularly excited by our new range of wines. They offer diversity and innovation not only in the grape selection, but they are also expressing more attitude in their innovative design and packaging, on top of the quality of wine. After 28 years in the wine trade, I can honestly say that the wines we have on offer this summer are amazing value for the quality of wine you are experiencing. We’re passionate about good food and good wine and we’re confident our shoppers will be charmed with our summer range.

Also, this year we are looking to re-position Rosé wine, encouraging shoppers to see it more as a food-friendly pairing as opposed to the traditional sweeter wine it’s often perceived as – so we intend to have some fun with this. At SuperValu we are also looking to grow our German wine range and demonstrate some of the superb quality that comes from what was once deemed a poor wine offering. Finally, this is a very exciting time for the wine industry as were now working with the next generation of winemakers in some of our wineries who want their labels to depict the essence or style of the very wine they are producing. In an industry craving innovation, the art of storytelling will be the next wine motivator for the consumer and of course at the centre of all this is quality’.

Working with renowned family-run and new generation wineries, all wines in the Specially Sourced range are handpicked from some of the best vineyards across the wine globe. To discover more about SuperValu’s Specially Sourced Wine visit and join the SuperValu Wine Club for exclusive offers and wine tips.

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