Fyffes, Europe's largest banana importer and leading marketer of organic and Fairtrade bananas, is celebrating its 130th anniversary this month.

It was on September 20th, 1888 that the young Edward Watham Fyffe sold his very first bananas in London’s Covent Garden. This followed a trip to the Canaries to help his wife Ida recover from tuberculosis. Once there he became intrigued by the world of tropical fruits, most significantly the banana, to the extent that he overcame many difficulties to find a way to import them back to the UK.

Acquired in 1986 by Dundalk fruit importers, McCanns – and now part of the Japanese Sumitomo Corporation – Fyffes has grown to become a multi-national brand with an annual turnover of €1.2 billion.

In a comment, Fyffes Chairman, David McCann (above), said: “By marking 130 years in the banana business we are shining the spotlight on the generations of wonderful people and partners who have contributed to our success over those years – and on those who will do so as we move forward”.

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