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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Best Steaks & 3 Best non-Cork Restaurants 2016

Best Steaks 2016

Aubrac Steak at The Harbour Donegal Town

Macroom buffalo steaks from Eoin O'Mahony English Market

Irish Piedmontese Beef from their stall at Cork Summer Show

Three Best Restaurants Outside of Cork 2016

I've dined around the country this year, including Donegal, Limerick, Kerry, Meath, Dublin, Waterford, Wexford, Louth, Galway, Mayo and so on and these, in no particular order, are the three non Cork restaurants that I enjoyed the most.
I'll be on the road again in 2017. Any tips?

Cistín Eile - Wexford
La Boheme

La Boheme - Waterford
Turbot at The Mews

The Mews - Kenmare

Monday, June 20, 2016

Taste of the Week. Irish Piedmontese Beef

Taste of the Week

Irish Piedmontese Beef
A tasty Piedmontese steak that I enjoyed in the Fairways Bar and
Orchard Restaurant near Nenagh last year.

Enjoyed watching the cattle going through their make-up routine for the various competitions at the Cork Summer Show. Later on though, thoughts turned to dinner. Lots of ready to eat food on sale at the show but it was in the Irish Piedmontese stand that I found what I was looking for. Indeed, I knew I would get a couple of delicious steaks here as I’ve often done before in various food festivals around Munster.

So even before heading for home, I knew I had my Taste of the Week. These steaks are succulent and juicy and, washed down with a bottle of Beaujolais (Clos les Charmes, Moulin-a-Vent), they tasted even better. And apparently, they are quite healthy, lower in fat than chicken or fish. Check it all out, including recipes, here.

The meat comes from two herds, one in Tipperary, the other in Laois, and they were also selling ready to eat offerings at the show. But I had my eye on their fridge and that also contained burgers and minced beef. You can find the friendly Irish Piedmontese guys at many shows. But if you can’t get to one, be sure and try the online shop (delivery is free for orders over 70 euro).

Monday, February 23, 2015

Piedmontese Steak Highlight of Tipp Top Meal.

Piedmontese Steak Highlight of Tipp Top Meal

Why not putt into the Fairways sometime?

Often had samples of the Irish Piedmontese beef at food fairs and festivals and it was great to be able to order a sirloin steak, all for myself, at the Fairways Bar and Orchard Restaurant in Kilruane (near Nenagh) recently.

And, glad to say, it was excellent, tender and full of flavour, quite a treat, served with a mini-saucepan of serious garlic butter and an excellent selection of vegetables. The meat and the veg were cooked to perfection.
The Fairways - it is near a golf club - is famous for its fish and usually has quite a selection. CL went for her favourite Hake and she too hit the jackpot. Nice selection of accompaniments on the plate too and the red-currants were a surprisingly outstanding contributor. Again, the fish was properly cooked and presentation all round wasn't bad either.

The menu features lots of local produce and, after an unexpected and well received amuse bouche, we enjoyed our starters (each €7.50). CL plumped for the Bluebell Falls Honey & Thyme Goat’s Cheese With Cumin, Baked in Kataifi Pastry, Coriander, Mango & Chilli Salsa. Quite a plateful and a very good one, excellent flavours and nicely presented.
Must admit mine looked like a full Irish when it arrived:  Tournafulla (West Limerick) Black Pudding, Soft Poached Egg, Garnished With Rocket & Bacon Flakes, Gooseberry Sorbet. The pudding was excellent, the flakes a nice touch. A terrific starter and indeed, both plates went back without a speck of food.

No room for desserts though after the excellent courses. The pub/restaurant, a few miles east of Nenagh on the Cloughjordan road, is spacious (over 50 covers) and has lots of memorabilia, some of it golf related but there is much more, including an old postman's bike mounted on a small mezzanine to the side of the bar. Quite a nice place. You’ll get a lovely warm welcome here and excellent grub. Recommended if you find yourself in North Tipperary. Well worth a call or even a detour!
The Fairways Bar and Orchard Restaurant