Tio Pepe En Rama 2017 marks the 8th release of our limited edition unclarified and unfiltered Fino.
This year’s En Rama has been made from 60 specially selected botas (large oak barrels), housed in González Byass centuries-old cellars La Constancia and Rebollo, in the heart of Jerez, Spain. During the long summer the barrels were protected from the strong Levante winds in the cellars and combined with a cool winter, a thick and healthy layer of ‘flor’ was secured.
Antonio Flores, Head Winemaker at González Byass, described the wine as “elegant and aromatic on the nose with the characteristic intense yeasty aroma of the ‘flor’, intermingled with the distinctive almond notes typical of Palomino Fino: fresh, complex and intense, salty and expressive, but most of all alive and wild.”
The Palomino grapes destined for Tio Pepe are pressed using pnuematic Wilmes presses therefore obtaining the highest quality must. Only the ‘mosto yema’, the free run and first press must, is used for Tio Pepe. Following fermentation to between 11% and 12% alcohol the wine is fortified to 15.5% alcohol and then enters the Tio Pepe solera. Due to the 15.5% alcohol and the unique temperature and humidity in the Jerez cellars a layer of yeast known as the ‘flor’ will form on the surface of the wine. In order for this flor to form properly, an empty space of 100 litres is left in the cask. This flor is the most important influence on the Fino wine as it protects it from oxygen and gives it it’s unique aroma and character. The wine remains for a minimum of 4 years following the traditional Solera system under the flor. Following the winemaker’s selection of the 60 best casks the wine is then bottled without filtration nor clarification.
Tio Pepe En Rama 2017 shows a pale yellow colour with olive and gold tones. Powerfully aromatic yet elegant at the same time with a distinctive ‘flor’ character and aromas of yeast and almonds. On the palate elegant, fresh, intense, complex, salty and extremely expressive. You could describe this Fino as ‘pure life’.
Serve chilled in a small white wine glass in order to appreciate the full bouquet of aromas. Perfect partner for fish, shellfish, cheese, white meats and tapas of course.
Suitable for vegans

RSP is €18.99 and stockists are;

Mannings Emporium- Cork
Bradleys Supermarket Cork
J Redmond & Sons Dublin

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