Cliff Townhouse Oyster Fest takes place from 7th – 30th September


Cliff Townhouse Oyster Fest takes place from 7th – 30th September

Cliff Townhouse announces the start of the season with the 6th annual Oyster Fest, a prestigious dining experience that will bring the delicious and unique flavours of Ireland’s coastal regions to Dublin’s fair city. In addition to the robust and varied oyster offering that has become a favourite for seafood lovers year round, a new signature dish has been created by Head Chef Sean Smith that focuses on the idea that ‘when you taste an oyster, you are experiencing the very place from where it was grown.’

Highlighting Ireland’s rich heritage and artisan producers, the Taste of Ireland platter includes six varieties of oysters served both fresh and grilled that bring taste buds alive with regional flavours from across the diverse coastal landscape; from the freshwater Carlingford Oyster prepared with full-bodied Castlebellingham Cheese and Oxtail to Flaggy Shore Oysters grilled with earthy tarragon and spinach.

“The food we serve at the Cliff Townhouse is a testament to the farmers, fishermen and local suppliers and producers that we work with all year round, says Head Chef Sean Smith. This Oyster Fest we wanted to create something different that celebrates the unique flavours of Ireland’s landscape using the ‘best of the best’ ingredients from those regions, while also providing a new way for people to experience the oysters themselves.”

Available for a limited time from September 7th – 30th, the Taste of Ireland platter costing €16.50 includes one of each:

Carlingford Oyster paired with Oxtail and Castlebellingham Cheese
Offering a fantastic taste of the best of ‘the Wee County’ and its 55 miles of coastline. This oyster dish isinfluenced by the freshwater that flows from the mountainside, giving it a sweet flavour followed by a tannic aftertaste. To compliment this, the grilled oyster is paired with a slow braised oxtail and full-bodiedCastlebellingham Cheese, considered to be one of the best blue cheeses in the world.

Galway Oyster coupled with Galway Hooker and Blackcurrant
The popular lager’s bitter taste, a result of it receiving three times more hops than the average in order to balance the sweetness of the malt. This bitterness combined with earthy blackcurrant and the salty and creamy sweetness of the oysters creates an ideal balance.

Waterford Oyster with Cucumber and Blackwater Gin
A new take on a G&T, experience the crisp clean oysters from Ireland’s Ancient East harking from the nutrient rich waters of the Atlantic and Irish Sea and the local rivers and streams surrounding Dungarvan Bay.

Native Oyster
Native to the Irish shores, the Native Oyster is in season in September and is also known as the European Flat Oyster. Served naked to preserve the wonderful and complex flavour of the relatively scarce species.

Flaggy Shore Oyster paired with Spinach and Celery Pernod 
Reflecting the greenery and abundant plant life in the region, the oyster has been paired with spinach, celery and tarragon to balance the saltiness with rich earthy flavours.

Achill Mayo Oyster with Bacon and Cream
 Grown atop an ancient sunken peat bog the oysters have a unique earthy and sweet taste that when paired with a salty meat, creates a favourite and unrivalled flavour combination.

Pop down the steps of Cliff Townhouse to Urchin, the cocktail and small bites bar which will be creating five signature cocktails for the month, each reflecting Ireland's diverse and varied landscape.

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About Cliff Townhouse
Located at 22 St Stephen’s Green in an elegant and historic Georgian building with nine hotel rooms, the Cliff Townhouse is part of the Cliff group of properties that include Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore, County Waterford and Cliff at Lyons in Celbridge, County Kildare. Lead by Donegal-born Head Chef Sean Smith, the menus are also overseen by Executive Chef Martijn Kajuiter.

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