Coming to the Volxküche? The People's Kitchen?


Volxküche (People’s Kitchen)
St. Peter’s Church, North Main Street, Cork City
Sunday 5th February 2017

Let Quarter Block Party fill your mind with wholesome ideas, your ears with delicious music, and your belly with delectable food - as artist and community activist Kate O’ Shea presents Volxküche (People’s Kitchen) on Sunday 5th February, as part of the Quarter Block Party programme. Enjoy group cooking, eating together, community-discussion about food, art and the street. 

Volxküche was set up by Sample Studio members Kate O’ Shea and Darren Kirwan in May 2016 as a monthly event. It was set up with the intention of creating a social, non-commercial space for people to come together and build community with food as the facilitator/fulcrum for conversation and ideas. 

In keeping with the Volxküche ethos, the aim is to provide vegetarian or vegan food for anyone who wishes to attend, for no more than cost price and all contributions are donation based. It is also the intention of Volxküche to reconnect people with food and where food produce comes from encouraging new ideas about how our food could be produced. This is a community-based event whereby anyone is given the opportunity to contribute their time and culinary skills to create this feast; which means there is always a myriad of different dishes made by various members of the community. Members of the community are also inclined to help out with serving of the food, setting up the space, washing dishes which all contributes to create a communal environment with people voluntarily working towards a common goal.

Volxküche will take place in St. Peters church on North Main St, on the Sunday of Quarter Block Party. Building on the community that has already come together during 2016 at Sample Studios, Volxküche invites members of the public around North Main Street to get involved in all aspects of this celebration of food, conversation and performance. The morning will start with a Yoga and Mindfulness session. This will be followed by food preparation, where people are invited to get involved in the cooking and food prep for the gathering. The meal will then be served at 2pm, followed by performances from some of the Quarter Block Party musicians.

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