Griffins of Dripsey Join Dessert Festival Fun

Griffins of Dripsey is home of Corks favourite desserts, baked with love by Granny

Our cherished Granny Griffin has won every man's, woman's & child's heart with her home baking. With a massive bounty of quality fruits grown locally, Granny Griffins array of dessert celebrates the summer season.

From Summer Fruit Pavlovas to Double chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis and The infamous Apple pie filed with layers of Irish Grown Bramley Apples. Choosing just one will be impossible .

For Cork Dessert Festival, you can enter a draw to win A Granny Griffin Seasonal Afternoon tea for two at Griffins Award winning restaurant: The Garden restaurant and Café

When you purchase a Main Course and Dessert you will be automatically be entered in the draw to win this great Prize.

Competition is open from June 26th to July 2nd.
Winner will be announced on July 4th.

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