Griffins to reduce environmental Footprint with New coffee Cups

Everyone is becoming more aware of the waste created by takeaway coffee cups, well Griffins of Dripsey are helping to reduce their environmental Footprint with their New coffee Cups

In ireland we throw away 100 million standard disposable cups each year .

If an item is ‘Biodegradable,’ it will biodegrade, but the length of time it will take for this item to fully break down is not specified – It could take 1000 years for something that is ‘biodegradable’ to fully decompose.

If an item is ‘Compostable,’ it means that this item will biodegrade into nutrient-rich soil within a 180 day timeline – It will certifiably break down into soil within 8-12 weeks when commercially composted.

Griffins and Down 2 Earth have designed a Compostable Cup just for you .

After having a takeaway coffee or tea from Griffins of Dripsey,  you now can reuse this Compostable cup as a Plant Pot or Simply Compost it. If you dont have time to plant it, Give it to a local school or you can throw both the lid and the Cups directly into your brown Bin. 
On the Back of each cup you will find instructions on how to use the cup as a plant or seed pot.

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