The Magic of Fermentation

The Magic of Fermentation

Join us in Highbank Organic Orchard on Saturday 13th January

Biabeag continues with an exploration of the health benefits and amazing tastes of fermented foods. 

To thank you for your continued support and interest we have a limited number of Two for One tickets for sale - buy one and bring a friend for free ;-). 

Book here now or keep reading to learn more. 

With us on the night will be
  • Eleanor Duggan, Nutritional Therapist
  • Joe Fitzmaurice, Riot Rye - sourdough bread
  • Rod Calder Potts, grower of organic apples and fermenter of vinegar
  • Hayley Milthorpe, The Cultured Food Co.
The event will be 2 hours (starting at 6.30pm) and you will get the chance to sample a range of fermented foods during the evening. 
Numbers are, as usual, limited to 60. 

You can buy your ticket(s) here and we look forward to meeting you on the night - do say hello :-)

Keith (Biabeag) & Julie (Highbank Organic Orchard)
086 2300702

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