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Barry and Fitzwilliam have been appointed as the Irish Distributor for New Yorker Lager
by D&P Europe.
New Yorker is a new beer with attitude says Michael Barry Managing Director of Barry
& Fitzwilliam.
He also says: “Being a New Yorker is a mindset. An attitude. An edge. Anything is
possible. Aim high, work hard and, by all means, play hard and enjoy yourself. Achieve
your aims, but have a great time getting there. This is what New Yorker beer
represents. You don’t have to live there, work there or even have been there to be
100% New Yorker. It’s all about your approach to life and how you live it.”
Barry & Fitzwilliam, which has been established for 35 years and is now Ireland’s largest
independent premium drinks distributor.
Michael said: “I am delighted that the first shipment of New Yorker beer has arrived in
Ireland. It marks an exciting new chapter in the PPL market and will be a strong
challenger to existing brands already well-established in the marketplace. Customers
are looking to a new, aspirational product to reignite excitement in the category. I’m
confident, with the experience of the team behind it, New Yorker is that brand. I think
the brand essence and proposition of New Yorker will appeal well to a young, affluent
and adventurous market.”
With 4.2% alcohol by volume, New Yorker Fine Lager Beer is light, though full of flavour
and has a pale, golden colour. Its classic and stylish packaging really stands out from
the crowd – a brand which today’s beer drinkers, of all ages, will readily identify with.
The brand will be given a comprehensive support programme, including trade
marketing, brand marketing, radio advertising, social media, product placement, PR
and POS.
New Yorker will also gain visibility from high profile events, as well as tailor-made
promotional activity and major brand promotions.
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