Friday, February 8, 2013

Yalumba's Jane Ferarri Comes to Town!

Yalumba's Jane Ferarri Comes to Town!
Really looking forward to this one. Yalumba's Jane Ferarri is a terrific speaker on wine, very knowledgeable but down to earth and full of good humour. She likes her sport too and, indeed, I reckon it is no coincidence that she is here right smack in the middle of the Six Nations Championship. Not alone does she like her sport, she also likes her sportsmen. Last time she was here, she told me (and the whole room) that her (then) current favourite was Ronan O'Gara!
Gary O'Donovan has lined up a fantastic speaker and Club Brasserie have a very tempting menu indeed for you on the 19th. 

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